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Abhi Yadav
January 31st, 2017

I can hardly believe another year has gone by. But what a year it’s been.

When we founded Simeio nearly ten years ago, we had a very clear mission: to help businesses and governments reinvent how they engage with customers, how and where their employees work, and the way they partner with others. The upside is compelling: huge productivity and efficiency gains, greater employee and customer satisfaction and loyalty, deeper insights into customer needs and behaviors, and entirely new revenue opportunities.

I’m pleased to say that as we begin 2017, we are succeeding at that mission beyond my wildest dreams.

Today, we protect over 100 million identities, and our growth shows no signs of slowing. For the second year in a row, Simeio was named as a Deloitte’s Technology Fast 500™ award winner, a ranking of the 500 fastest growing technology, media, telecommunications, life sciences and energy tech companies in North America. We also made Silicon Review’s 50 Fastest Growing Tech Companies in 2016, no doubt in large part due to having added new customers across all major verticals, including financial services, insurance, hospitality, energy manufacturing, healthcare, government and education. I was also personally honored by Ernst & Young as an Entrepreneur of the Year finalist, and I was proud to be included in such amazing company as James Whitehurst at Red Hat, Paul Brown at Arby’s, and Ben Chestnut at MailChimp.

Gartner took notice of Simeio, too. In its most recent report on Critical Capabilities for Identity and Access Management as a Service (IDaaS), Worldwide, Simeio received the highest score out of all 18 vendors reviewed in what Gartner calls the “traditional/legacy workforce” use case. This use case describes organizations that have a mix of legacy (i.e. non-web-architected) on-premise applications and cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications.

While Gartner uses the term “traditional/legacy workforce,” I think a better term is the “typical” use case. In today’s enterprise, the typical IAM infrastructure is a hodgepodge of systems from multiple vendors controlling access to a rapidly expanding array of disparate resources, from legacy systems and on-premise enterprise applications to cloud-based SaaS applications.

It’s exactly this kind of technology complexity and diversity that Simeio was designed to address. Our industry-leading Managed Identity Services are transforming the way organizations handle security and identity. Unlike most other IDaaS providers who simply host IAM software for you in the cloud, Simeio offers full-service IDaaS – we handle everything for you, from operations to maintenance. Our VP of Product Management, Abhimanyu Yadav, explained our unique approach at the heart of our success in his blog series, Putting the “Service” in “Identity as a Service.” If you haven’t already read it, I highly recommend it.

In 2016 we also expanded our partnerships with leading IAM and security software providers. For example, we now offer the RSA SecurID suite as a Managed Service, as well as the entire CA Technologies IAM portfolio. Our CA partnership was particularly rewarding this year as Simeio was recognized at CA World as “Partner of the Year” in the “Delighting the Customer” category, and our joint customer, Best Western, was named “Customer of the Year” in the “Customer Impact” category.

We capped off the year by passing our ISO 27001 certification on the first try with zero non-conformities. ISO 27001 requires having a comprehensive business management system to detect, evaluate and treat information risks effectively. We take security and risk management seriously – it’s our business, after all – but it’s nice to have independent audit confirm we’re at the top of our game.

As we now turn our attention to 2017, you can expect more such partnerships, with more growth and progress. We continue to add features and capabilities to our groundbreaking Simeio Identity Platform at a breakneck pace. The platform is the “secret sauce” that enables us to provide Managed Identity Services far more effectively and efficiently, especially in heterogeneous environments. It provides a single, unified UI with consistent, easy-to-use workflows for managing identities and access privileges regardless of the underlying technologies. Because the platform is vendor and deployment agnostic, we can use IAM and security technologies from any leading vendor, and deploy in your infrastructure or ours, on-premise, in the cloud, or a hybrid of the two. You simply can’t find a more powerful, flexible and portable solution.

The platform also provides exceptional real-time monitoring capabilities as well as identity intelligence designed not only to help ensure the security and reliability of your IAM systems, but also to provide insights into user behaviors that can illuminate business and revenue opportunities. Together with our identity and security experts, it can turn your IAM capabilities from a costly drag on your business into a powerful business enabler. If you’d like a demo, just get in touch.

In closing, I want to give a big “thank you” to our customers, employees, partners, investors and industry analysts who made 2016 such an incredibly successful year for us. I wish for all of you a healthy, happy and prosperous 2017!


Hemen Vimadalal
Chief Executive Officer
Simeio Solutions