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By Christina Czeschik

Winning The Talent War: Finding IAM Pros

Let’s face it: the phrase “Identity Administration and Government” does not send sexy shivers down the spine of the new university graduate. It doesn’t initially sound like the fast-lane to money, power and a corner office. In fact, to the aspiring white-hat hacker, it evokes the dreaded notion of working nine-to-five, in a fluorescent office, […]

By Abhi Yadav

Engaging Your Customer, Part One: Improving Your CIAM Design

In traditional enterprise IAM systems, Human Resources is the usual “system of record” for our individual users. HR files and logons are how we track our employees’ data. But when it comes to tracking our customers’ data, we often use several different systems, processes, agencies and social providers. Each with authority over certain identifying attributes of the individual. This is problematic. […]

By Christina Czeschik

Almost Perfect? Multi-factor authentication with biometrics

Two-factor and multi-factor authentication – the latest trend in identity and access management (IAM). The answer to all our cybersecurity prayers. The newest, hottest trend. Or is it? Actually, some would say it’s been around for centuries. After all, what methods have humans been using to recognize each other since the dawn of time? Not […]

By Jayne Hallock

The Breach Report: Equifax & Deloitte

***Updated 10/24/207*** Is it irony, coincidence or a dark cosmic joke that some of the biggest security breaches we’ve ever seen are happening now? A.K.A. right when we’re celebrating National Cyber Security Awareness Month? We’re tempted to respond to the news of these breaches with a laundry list of advice and observations…but then we realized there’s enough […]

By Jayne Hallock

Agility & Metrics Lead to IAM Success: RSA Charge Presentation

(The following is excerpted from the description of an upcoming speaking session at RSA Charge, which will be presented by Matt Chambers – Principal, Security and Risk, Asurion, Gary Brown – Senior Manager, Global Security & Risk, Asurion  as well as Simeio’s own Project Manager and Sr. IAM Consultant Zubin Dumasia) In the real world there is always resistance to […]

By Jayne Hallock

Mind The Gap: Shrinking The Distance Between NOC And SOC

Companies cannot afford extended network downtime, any more than they can afford cybercriminal activity targeting systems running the business or their information assets. Unfortunately, enterprise security and performance teams rarely operate as holistically as the forces they’re fighting against.  As more senior leadership teams and boards of directors take an active interest in IT security […]