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By Jayne Hallock

New GDPR Series: Countdown To Compliance

In the already hot industry of Identity Management, there is one identity concern that burns just a bit brighter in the minds of many modern businesses: GDPR. Compliance is not optional, not simplistic…and nothing to mess around with. The financial impact of non-compliance could literally put some enterprises out of business. It’s something we all have […]

By Jayne Hallock

The Breach Report: Whole Foods, Accenture & More

Extra, extra!  It’s a new edition of The Breach Report. As major breaches happen, we’ll skim for the most important data points from the most trusted resources and publish them here.  Here’s what’s happening in November… Whole Foods Breach Update: What’s Happened: You gotta watch those bells and whistles. The compromise didn’t happen in the […]

By Christina Czeschik

Diversity in IAM: It takes all kinds

In almost every cliché, there’s a grain of truth. Let’s take, for example, the cliché of the cybersecurity professional: A 20- or 30-something male wearing a hoodie and a T-shirt bearing an obscure programming joke. One whose social interaction is mostly limited to eye-rolling behind users’ backs whenever they have committed yet another security blunder. Of […]