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By Jayne Hallock

Countdown to Compliance Part 7: GDPR Auditing

Note: This is the seventh of an ongoing series on GDPR. We’ll be preparing you all the way to May 2018 on topics like: Privacy Protection and Breach Notification, GDPR Compliance Strategies, GDPR Enforcement and Penalties, Potential GDPR Costs, GDPR Auditing and more. Subscribe using the button on the right and you’ll be updated when we post a new article. […]

By Christina Czeschik

IAM 911: How Strong Healthcare IAM Can Save Lives

Badly implemented IAM can kill you. Literally. The above statement is not just a scare tactic – it is a fact that has been proven in healthcare, sadly, many times over. The central function of IAM is to grant reliable access – for example to patient data – to those who are authorized, and to […]