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By Michael Harvell

How to Avoid a Data Breach Through Effective Privileged User Management

Avoid a Data Breach Through Privileged User Management According to a study by Forester, up to 80 percent of data breaches are attributed to misuse or abuse of privileged credentials. This is because many organizations tend to overlook the importance of managing and securing their super accounts or administrator accounts. Like other users and typical IT workers, […]

By Tim Jester

7 Reasons Why Identity Administration is Your Best Protection

Thinking about investing in identity administration services? Read on for 7 reasons why identity administration is your best protection online. Companies today have more IT concerns than ever before. Nearly every employee at most firms needs some kind of user account and data access. The real problem becomes how you manage to create these accounts […]

By Sean Rogers

Why digital transformations fail – it’s messy.

The year has come to a close more quickly than I would like and I find myself reflecting on the digital transformation projects I’ve been involved with over the past 12 months. This definitely was the year of digital transformation. It was everywhere – in the blogs, the IT press and on everyone’s lips. Tell […]