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By Jeff Multz

I Believe Simeio’s Identity Orchestration is the Key to Unlocking the Cybersecurity Quagmire

I Believe Simeio’s Identity Orchestration is the Key to Unlocking the Cybersecurity Quagmire  I’m so excited to be here at Simeio. I’ve been working in the security sector for decades, and finally, I’ve arrived at a company that’s truly addressing cybersecurity with real understanding, impact, and results.   My experience in the cybersecurity domain has led me to realize that security begins and ends with identity. Not identity as a single-function product, but rather as […]

By Amruta Gawde

Our Changing World Requires an IAM Paradigm Shift

  Amruta Gawde  Over the past decade, IAM has focused upon solving access management issues with purpose-built tools for a single function. In an effort to adapt to a growing and changing business environment, many organizations sidestep best practices, adding scripts and fixes to overcome tool limitations. Unfortunately, these approaches have proven to be costly to support, catastrophic when problems inevitably arise, and unsustainable for life-cycle management. In-house customizations only add more complexity to an already complex IT infrastructure.   A changing business environment requires a new approach  […]

By Balraj Dhillon

Top 2021 Predictions for Identity Management

During 2020, we witnessed an unprecedented year of change in response to the global pandemic. The upheaval caused organizations to quickly pivot and accelerate their digital modernization initiatives. This widespread shift was in response to a dramatic increase in the remote workforce, that in turn, created a surge in demand for IAM solutions. In so many […]