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A single sign-on with multiple benefits.

At the office or across the globe, wherever your employees are located they need access to multiple applications through multiple devices. It’s that simple.

Yet often all the sign-ons and passwords make their life anything but simple. With Simeio Access Management & Federation, you have secure authentication and your employees have a seamless SSO to any on-premise application, cloud application or network resource from any device, supporting all federation standards. It’s also a scalable solution. So as your company grows, you get more configurations and integration capabilities

“With Simeio, we can now identify who has access to what and why … we automated the joiner and leaver process, so something that literally took us days to provision now takes a few minutes. Not only did Simeio provide great resources, but the camaraderie that we have within the teams actually shows through the delivery of the project itself.”