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Jayne Hallock
October 11th, 2017

(The following is excerpted from the description of an upcoming speaking session at RSA Charge, which will be presented by Matt Chambers – Principal, Security and Risk, Asurion, Gary Brown – Senior Manager, Global Security & Risk, Asurion  as well as Simeio’s own Project Manager and Sr. IAM Consultant Zubin Dumasia)

In the real world there is always resistance to new initiatives and processes.

IAM projects are no different with their perceived disruption to the status quo. To get ahead of this natural resistance it is critical to obtain senior leadership support, up front, and throughout your IAM program.

This session will discuss how to apply an Agile Methodology with clearly defined metrics to gain broad organizational support. We will discuss how the Agile Methodology follows an incremental approach allowing you to make ongoing adjustments. It will become clear how by having a simplistic project design, and working on developing smaller modules will allow stakeholders a clearer understanding of what is being built. With short feedback loops and clearly defined communication flows, executive support can be maintained and built upon; not just at the outset but throughout your complete IAM program lifecycle.

Want to learn more? Join us at the RSA Charge conference, in the Metropolitan room at 1:30, October 18.