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Onboard Applications to Your IAM Platform 3X Faster

When you're onboarding hundreds of applications each year, you cannot scale with people alone. You need modernized application onboarding that simplifies the onboarding process, reduces IT team fatigue, and maximizes value and investment. Simeio is here to ensure no matter how many applications you onboard – 50 or 5,000- you do it faster and smarter – with 80% less cost!

"Up to 80% cost savings due to ownership distribution and automation."

Apps onboarded with SimeioIO

Why Simeio NextGen App Onboarding?

30 Days
Time to Adoption
Cost Saving
50% Less
Team Size
  • Complete overhaul of business processes & approaches
  • Increased IAM adoption with improved program maturity
  • Reduction in operational cost & increase in the ROI of the IAM programs
  • Centralized control with visibility into the key success metrics of the IAM solutions
  • Cross-service, cross-technology app onboarding platform
  • Unlimited app configuration management
  • Yearly Onboarding-as-a-Service with up to 10 apps included in the first year
  • Self service for business owners

Traditional vs. Modernized
App Onboarding


Traditional: Highly-skilled heavy resourcing

Modernized: Distributed ownership and smart platform enabling leaner resourcing

App Onboarding Initiation

Traditional: Customized, offline, long cycles

Modernized: Standardized, self-service, online, shorter cycles

Design, Build and Test

Traditional: Customized, manual, error-prone, long winded

Modernized: Templatized, automated, error-free, quicker


Traditional: Manual, error prone, long deployment with offline change managemenet

Modernized: Automated (single-click), error-free, secure, deployment with online change management

App Lifecycle Management

Traditional: Repetitive, offline, manual, error-prone change management, increasing the operational cost

Modernized: Self-service, online, automated, error-free change management, minimizing operational effort and cost

Service Expansion

Traditional: Independent programs with additional cost and effort and no centralized visibility across services

Modernized: Self-service, automated service expansion at no additional cost and centralized visibility across services

Simeio Next Gen App Onboarding Works with Top IAM Platforms

See Simeio NextGen App Onboarding in Action

Sign-up for a 15-minute discovery call to see how modernized app onboarding can improve your business processes. We'll dive into how you can:

  • Reduce operational cost and increase ROI of IAM programs
  • Centralize control with visibility into key success metrics of your IAM solutions
  • Increase IAM adoption with improved program maturity
  • Deploy application into production with the platform’s smart features
  • Take the advantage of flexible options that best suit your needs

Simeio is committed to make app onboarding for owners seamless, automated, cost efficient and most importantly secured. With its next gen app onboarding offering, Simeio is committed to eliminate the need for expensive IAM programs. Secured access, and protecting your customers is as important to us as it is to you – now reimagine the way you have been doing it!