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Balraj Dhillon
June 18th, 2019

Healthcare organizations across North America are in the midst of a digital shift that is set to change the way care is provided. This shift will empower patients with more digital health tools and improve patient outcomes. We’re seeing an increasing number of healthcare providers move towards patient-focused applications (e.g. Natural Language Understanding (NLU) Chatbots) to help monitor and manage a wide range of health conditions.

While these plans may seem ambitious, the technology exists and is being utilized by patients. However, many healthcare organizations lack a single digital identity for patients that results in multiple identities or profiles across different domains/healthcare organizations. Without a single patient identity, authenticating patients, managing consent and governing permissions to health data have been a challenge. On the upside, providing a solution to this single identity problem will allow for innovation to flourish and interoperability to be addressed head-on.

Data governance across North America’s healthcare space also poses a challenge. In the absence of a comprehensive framework for patient data, providers are left to deal with fragmented data that is cannot be transferred or even used between organizations. With large repositories of health data sitting in provincial databases, a robust data governance framework coupled with a single patient identity is necessary for organizations to enable the true value of that data which will be consumed by digital healthcare applications.

Simeio Solutions is looking forward to chatting with Eric Sutherland from the Canadian Institute of Health Information (CIHI) about the innovation capabilities within healthcare. Eric is currently leading an initiative that will provide healthcare organizations with a blueprint of how to create a data governance model. We’ll be sharing our thoughts on solving patient digital identity challenges, enabling a robust privacy and consent model, and developing a data governance framework to unlock innovation.

Join us on June 26th, 2019 at 12pm EDT for a webinar with Aran Hamilton of Identity North, Eric Sutherland of CIHI, and Balraj Dhillon from Simeio Solutions.

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