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By Simeio

Go Passwordless this World Password Day—ironic but a reality!

  World Password Day – the first Thursday of every May – is intended to remind people of the importance of protecting themselves when online by using strong passwords. With cybercriminals growing increasingly bold and sophisticated in their methods, one fact stands true- that there are more effective strategies to keep data secure than passwords. […]

By Simeio

Is Your IAM Glass Half Empty? Here’s how to get the best out of your IAM investment

The proverbial question, “is the glass half empty or half full?” is typically used rhetorically to determine whether someone perceives a situation as a cause for pessimism (half empty) or optimism (half full). Chances are, if you order a drink at a restaurant and the server delivers a glass that is only halfway filled, you […]

By Simeio

5 Ways IAM Programs Can Support a Robust Business Process

IAM has already established its role among security and risk professionals in most security programs. Interestingly, IAM also plays a significant role in the overall business process, customer experience and customer relationships. And those two form a critical part of the digital transformation program because of their vital role in understanding gaps that digital transformation […]

By Simeio

7 Steps Toward Your Successful IAM Journey

We know that Identity and Access Management implementations are not simple. It is a mammoth task to take all the data, human and non-human identities, infrastructure, platforms, and applications into consideration. From there, you must align them and measure their effectiveness while ensuring that the user experience remains uncompromised. Organizations often find it challenging to […]

By Simeio

Is your Digital Transformation Strategy Backed with a Reliable CIAM Programme?

Improved customer trust and loyalty are two big outcomes of digital transformation programmes. Trust has often been the number one concern for most customers when sharing their personal data. There is an increased awareness among customers about how identities can be misused, accessed without authorisation, and misuse of their personal information without their consent. How organisations manage their customers’ digital identities is […]

By Simeio

Modernized App Onboarding Maximizes Digital Transformation Investments

The acceleration of digital transformation, brought on by the pandemic, has increased the need for modernized and converged IAM platforms. The modernization needed is not simply limited to a platform but requires new business processes and approaches for IAM adoption proliferation.   Application onboarding is the cumulative result of people, processes, and technologies working together. A successful application onboarding result is achieved when “the big three” are streamlined. Modernized application onboarding leverages automated processes through a repeatable model that smoothly moves applications into critical systems, like identity governance and administration (IGA), […]

By Simeio

Your Cloud Strategy is in great shape – can you say the same about IAM?

Whether it is a FOMO or truly a need for organizational transformation – cloud strategies have become a top priority across boardrooms, and tech leadership teams are scouting every way to fit it in the broad spectrum of goals. 57% of executives in a PWC survey on Cloud Business reported that they are working in conjunction with […]

By Randy Fields

How big and bad was Kaseya’s VSA software compromise? Not very.

If you compared the compromise visually in scope and impact to all of the breaches from Jan 2017 to April of 2021 (represented in the graph below), it would be about 1 pixel in size. It is so small that you would think you just need to clean your monitor. Most of the 1,500 customers […]

By James Quick

3 Ways Managed Privileged Access Management (PAM) Maximizes the Business Value of Digital Infrastructure 

Enterprise digital infrastructure has become more complex and costly to secure, manage and support. Contributing factors include multiple clouds, expanding enterprise perimeters and employees working remotely. The global pandemic has forced many enterprises from dipping their toes into modern digital infrastructure to jumping headfirst into digital transformation waters.  According to a 2020 Gartner report, 91% of organizations are engaged in some type of digital transformation, […]

By Mahua Chatterjee

Why Proactive Cybersecurity Strategies Should be in the Top 3 Priorities for Organizations

In less than a month, two cyberattacks shook the United States and other nations, impacting people’s daily lives. It’s ironic that the countries where these attacks happened are developed nations, where information security is expected to be top-notch, but the reality is far from it. Organizations that take proactive steps to counter cyberattacks are likely […]

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