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We make access easy for your employees, and impossible for hackers.

When it comes to what your business can do in the cloud, the sky’s the limit. It can include employee access to applications, interoffice communication, purchase transactions and data transfers. It’s also a breeding ground for security breaches with employee accounts and other essential business information. Simeio protects your critical cloud infrastructure with solutions to detect IT.

We automate cloud security administration such as SaaS identity administration and SaaS configuration monitoring. We even offer real-time cloud threat intelligence and integration with your identity management solutions. Simeio does all this because doing business in the cloud is a good thing for your company, and we want to keep it that way.

Automated Cloud Security Administration: Keeping Access Simple and Keeping the Bad Guys Out

The cloud has given all of us the ability to conduct business wherever there's an Internet connection. Long gone are the days where business owners were concerned about having a computer fast enough to run all of the programs that they need. No more worrying about whether a computer has enough storage space or processing power. There are fewer worries about how a business can continue if a hard drive crashes. The cloud has given all of us the ability to move almost every aspect of business off of on-site computers.

Using the Cloud Comes with Both Good News and Bad News

The good news about using the cloud is that accessing business files can be done from anywhere. There's no more driving back to the office because something must be finished. Provided that the business system that you need is hosted on a cloud, you can log-in from anywhere. Improved access also leads to improved productivity.

Yet, all of this freedom comes with a price. That price is more risk to your data. The top four risks associated with relying on the cloud include:

  1. Unauthorized access to business and customer information. Cloud based software serves an incredible need. They make software more accessible and more affordable to the businesses that need it. Since they store such a large amount of information, they're often the target of attack. Yet, external threats aren't the only ones that exist. The existence of internal threats is often an under-monitored area in business. Simieo's cloud security services can help you keep your data secured from both internal and external threats.

  2. Security threats at the vendor level. Many businesses rely on a cloud provider for key business systems. Payment processing is one of those key areas. How can you know for sure that the vendor has the ability to protect your sensitive data? In addition to protecting against external threats, they must also protect data from internal threats. All you can do is take their word for it. Are you willing to put your data and your reputation on the line? Simieio can help. We've protected more than 100,000,000 identities.

  3. Non-compliance. While cloud services of any kind can be fantastic, businesses must consider the compliance regulations to which they must adhere. When you're choosing a cloud provider, it's important that they can meet the same compliance standards that you're under. Those regulations are in place to help you protect data.

  4. Stolen credentials. Phishing is alive and well and the bad guys are always looking for a way to exploit the vulnerabilities of cloud software. It doesn't matter how it happens. Stolen credentials will create a nightmare for your company. Simieo's cloud security service can help your business develop a customized plan to protect your accounts and your data.

Simieo Provides Automated Cloud Security with Real-Time Threat Intelligence

When poor cloud security measures are taken, it creates the potential for a big problem. When cloud systems aren't properly configured, it comprises a system's integrity. More than 50% of cloud-based data breaches took months to discover. Automated cloud security is the best way to secure your data.

Partnering with Simieo means that your get automated cloud security that is coded specifically to meet your company's security needs. You get more security and you remain in compliance. With our real-time threat intelligence, we're able to spot and patch vulnerabilities before they become a problem.

Our cloud security services integrates directly with our identity management solutions. This is a valuable way for your business to further protect access to your company's data that is stored on the cloud. Simeio knows how important your data is and that's why we do everything we can to keep access simple while keeping the bad guys out.

If you're ready to implement automated cloud security or if you have questions, reach out to one of our advisors. We're here to help.

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“We RFP'ed to five different vendors, and we asked them to provide traditional, hosted, and SaaS based solutions. In the end we felt the Simeio SaaS (hosted) solution was going to have a higher chance of success and a lower cost of failure.”