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Jayne Hallock
August 21st, 2017

Have you connected your Archer today? Simeio has!

We don’t mean to brag – but Simeio nabbed another “first” and we’re thrilled to be able to say so. In fact, we’re going to be presenting on this first at RSA Techfest this week!

So what exactly did we accomplish? Without getting too technical, we were the first solution provider to accomplish an Identity GnL Integration with RSA’s very popular eGRC Solution, Archer. This integration offers many benefits like an increase in user accountability, improved approval workflows and a greater ease in managing access.

Our own Technical Sales Director Tony Lawman will be talking about this “first” at RSA Techfest (on August 22nd, at 1pm) and while he won’t be giving away all our secrets, he will be giving the audience a peek under the hood. Here’s the official summary of his talk: “Simeio Solutions will present and discuss high-level technical details around lessons learned when integrating the new-ish Archer Connector (around August 2016). The experience stems from a project with the Texas Department of Information Resources. TDIR presented the project background and objectives at RSA Charge 2016.”

If you’re at RSA Techfest, make sure to stop by and catch Tony’s session!