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Jayne Hallock
December 6th, 2017

Last week, The Simeio Crew descended on the 2017 Gartner IAM event, full of anticipation and excitement (and a lot of caffeine.)  Many of us attended  –  from the CEO and other executive leadership, to our industrious delivery team to our killer sales team. Even our content and social folks tagged along.

And this event? Did not disappoint.

It’s almost impossible to sum up our collective experience in one article, but let’s try it anyway. After all, there are few phrases more inspiring to us than the word “impossible.”

Hemen Vimadalal, Simeio CEO

We’ll take it from the top, so to speak.  We quizzed our awesome CEO, Hemen Vimadalal, about what he took away from this event.  Here’s what he had to say:


  • Did you notice any themes emerge when talking to analysts, attendees or partners? – Yes! The topics of Digital Strategy Automation and Identity Automation came up again and again. Simeio has the best ecosystem of technology partners and all of them had great joint customer stories to share.


  • What you are most looking forward to next year? – I’m looking forward to a Gartner definition of platform players in IAM — rather than just pure play technology vendors.

President and COO Krishna Prabhu observed, “What struck me was the large number of product vendors in this focused space … but very few IDaaS or integrated services providers. It was interesting to stand out as a unique player with both breadth and depth of solution offerings.”

Our Vice President of Solutions Advisory Group, Vikram Subramanian said his Gartner IAM Summit highlights were “…seeing how the industry is speaking about using RPA within IAM. The definition is not clear on exactly how it applies but I feel sure a revolution is coming!

I also liked how upcoming GDPR is causing privacy to be the name of the game. Finally,  I wp_simeio with several organizations who realized the value of having a single interface into all the IAM solutions, using our Identity Orchestrator™ (IO).”

The Partners

Because Gartner IAM Summit means “all things identity”, it also means that all of the partners we work with in the identity space attend as well.  So we were thrilled to have a few days of real face time with all the fantastic people we partner with all year.  Ed Pascua, our Channel Leader, reports that one of his favorite parts of this event was catching up with the great people at RSA, at their booth.

Ed Pascua (6th from the right) and the RSA Team

He also enjoyed connecting with the smart folks at Saviynt, who hosted their first-ever “Converge” event. We were honored be invited to participate at the event, with our EVP of Sales & Marketing Shawn Keve taking part in an informative and engaging panel discussion on the topic of “The Future of Identity Governance.”

Shawn also noticed a few recurring themes in the many conversations he had throughout the week.  The main theme? “Buyer’s remorse,” he said. “I consistently heard from people who said they’d chosen the wrong solution and the program ended up failing. Or they chose the wrong provider. I can’t count the number of times someone said to me, after we chatted about their issue, that they’d wished they met us months ago. That particular theme was both flattering and painful to hear!”

Another fantastic partner event included a handmade noodle making session at Mr Chow’s Restaurant, hosted by IBM Security‘s IAM Team.

Impressive noodle throwing at the IBM Security event.

The Presentation

Of course, one of our proudest moments was when our own VP of Product, Abhi Yadav presented to a standing-room-only crowd. His topic “Trusted Digital Identities in an Untrustworthy World” seemed to really resonate with Gartner attendees.  No wonder the audience ate it up! We found that the topic of digital identity ecosystems was a hot one, showing up time and again in many different sessions.

Abhi at the podium, teaching why “identity is broken” and how Simeio can help mend it.

The People & The Parties

Finally, the best part about the Gartner IAM Summit was truly the people. We met so many incredibly smart attendees who asked excellent identity questions. Where did we meet most of them?  Our booth, obviously, where we logged many hours of intense Q&A with visitors.  We were thrilled with the level of sophistication in these questions and were happy to be able to answer them.

It didn’t hurt that our booth was next to a cake station

But our favorite place to talk to Gartner attendees was at the parties! We especially had a great time with our friends at ForgeRock, who not only co-hosted a fantastic penthouse soiree with us…

ForgeRock Penthouse Fun

But they also hosted a great circus-themed event in the hospitality suite later in the week. It was the perfect way to wind down a whirlwind, wonderful, wild week. We enjoyed meeting everyone who attended Gartner IAM Summit and we cannot wait to see you all again next year!

Big Top ForgeRock host. “That’s all, folks!”