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How To Stay Off CNN - IAM Trends

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Avoid Security Breaches and Keep Your IAM System Relevant

Becoming and established and well-known business is every businessowner’s dream. But there is always a constant fear of maintaining a successful image. There is nothing worse than seeing your company name on TV and realizing that it isn’t the type of free PR you were looking for.

CNN blasts businesses for one of the ever-growing concerns for anyone with an IT infrastructure: a massive security breach. This grave error could stem from a small oversight in proper identity security and management, but the outcome and backlash are far from miniscule.

Clients and customers lose faith and trust, value and worth drop, and the requirements for rebuilding are astronomical and seemingly impossible to cope with.

Unfortunately, even those businesses and companies who follow all of the necessary steps in establishing and maintaining a strong security system—strong DMZ, secure web, VPNS, firewalls, multifactor, rule-based authentication and passwords—can sometimes fall short when faced with the adapting and advancing world of technology and cybersecurity.

How, one might ask, can a business have such a breach when they have implemented all those necessary items to maintain a secure network? Within this changing technological world, the invention of smart phones and other mobile devices create new problems and concerns when it comes to the safety and protection of coveted company information. Understanding the new solutions that many IT infrastructures put in place is key to prevent your company from having a “CNN news report level” security breach.

Identity and access management (IAM) is the emergent solution for protecting your private information, secure data, employee credentials, important assets, and more. Your company or business may already be implementing some IAM solutions; but, within this changing field, it is necessary to keep up on new, popular, and trending techniques in order to guarantee the best results.

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A few reasons to address your current IAM solutions include: the importance of protecting customer data in order to help grow your business, the ability to organize and manage unstructured data with controlled access, to fully understand how to manage user identities to provide the best experience, knowing that your methods are up-to-date, and to find ways to work with the mobility of technologies instead of allowing it to work against you.

The future of IAM is here and it will continue to grow quickly. It is up to you to educate and adapt yourself and your business to utilize these new techniques. If you want to know what trends are affecting IAM and the best ways to address them, then you need to watch “Top Trends Impacting IAM” immediately.

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