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IAM – Is Your Company @ Risk

It’s one of the ever-growing concerns for anyone with an IT infrastructure: a massive security breach. This grave error could stem from a small oversight in proper identity security and management, but the outcome and backlash are far from miniscule. Clients and customers lose faith and trust, value and worth drop, and the requirements for rebuilding are astronomical and seemingly impossible to cope with.

How can a business have such a breach when they have implemented all the necessary items to maintain a secure network? Within this ever-changing technological world, the advent of smart phones and other mobile devices create an ever-evolving threat matrix and security concerns.

That’s why you need experts in your corner, helping you understand how your company’s data could be at risk.

Why we’re exceptionally qualified to help…

Simeio Solutions has transformed from a systems integrator to a pure IAM player within the market with full identity-as-a-service (IDaaS) capabilities. Although we are new to the arena, leading analyst firms such as Forrester and KuppingerCole have recognized us as a top tier IDaaS vendor.

What sets us apart from other IAM platform vendors? With our strong experience in managed services, consulting, and implementation, Simeio has forged partnerships with some of the biggest names in the IAM industry and has been the preferred partner for many. Through this strong and proven foundation, Simeio has placed its expertise and wish list of features into our very own IAM platform, Identity Orchestrator.

Identity Orchestrator can provide a clear view of all IAM-related actions. Users will access their applications from a singular place throughout their entire lifecycle—from on-boarding to access requests, access reviews to off-boarding, and even for privileged access management. Provide users the freedom to use the web console or continue their work through a mobile app.

Offboarding from a legacy IAM solution to a modern solution? Migrate to a new solution without causing any friction to your users with Identity Orchestrator. Identity Orchestrator can provide a bridge from the legacy solution to the new without any interruption to your users.

Let’s talk about how we can help your organization complete its digital transformation, enable your users to adopt security solutions, and become informed security citizens. Champion your organization’s IAM future with us.

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