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If an employee leaves, their access to company accounts stays behind.

It’s the natural lifecycle of an employee: they are hired, they get promoted, they change departments and some even leave. But when a worker’s role evolves, is their access to your company’s information evolving with them?

The same goes for your customers. Their logins, their user experience, their security is every bit as important to you as your internal employee access.

With Simeio Identity Administration, we eliminate those concerns by managing the end-to-end identity management lifecycle for employees, partners, customers and devices. This includes account requests, approval workflows, automated provisioning, self-service, password resets and access termination. The ultimate benefit? When an employee leaves, their access to your business data doesn’t walk out the door with them.

You may not know it, but automating identity administration is extremely important to your business. It ensures timely and accurate access to your data both on premises and via cloud.

Automating IDA

Identity administration (IDA) includes several important processes, but primarily it deals with how access to your data is controlled through the proper set-up of accounts. As a simple example, you want to make sure that your employees can get to the data they need to do their job, but that former employees no longer have access to any data.

When employees change positions within your company, their access to data may need to change as well. Will they still need access to the data from their original position? What happens to an employee’s login when they leave your company? Make no mistake, insider threats is one of the most vulnerable areas of your business.

Identity Administration Is Also Important for Cloud Accounts

While identity administration is important to control the safety of your data with employee accounts, it’s no less important for cloud accounts. The ability for clients to login and access certain data from your system also presents a risk to the security of your data.

Identity Administration Helps Protect Your Data

Protecting your data involves more than following best practices focused on external threats. One of the most overlooked areas of data protection is found in identity administration. Smaller businesses can often handle identity administration on their own, but it still comes with the risk of human error. Regardless of size, businesses benefit from the use of identity administration automation software and support services.

End-to-End Identity Management

Simeio provides end-to-end identity management for employee accounts, customer and partner accounts, and for devices. We help businesses define the entire identity management process based on the type of account and the access that is needed. We assist in:

  • Developing the process of requesting an account. The process used in requesting (and approving) an account is extremely important because it determines how much access an employee or a client has to your entire system or to a specific device. Simieo’s IP service provides a single pane of glass that enables customers to request access from a mobile device or through a web interface.

  • Creating an approval workflow. Are all requests for access to data granted or do you have a specific workflow in place? Simeio’s platform helps create and implement an approval workflow to ensure that the right amount of access is given to the right person.

  • Automated provisioning. Automated provisioning is the process of providing the right amount of access to the person who requested the account. It comes at the end of the approval workflow process.

  • Self-service options for users. End-to-end identity management also helps reduce the workload of your technology services and support teams by giving users the ability to perform certain actions. Common self-service options include resetting a password or users having the ability to change their personal information. The choices your business makes in determining which self-service options to provide will depend on several factors.

  • Termination of access. It’s equally important to monitor the access that employees have when they change positions within the company or leave the company. Termination of access helps keep your data safe.

  • Role changes within the organization. When an employee changes positions within your company, they may not need the same access they once had. Even if you fully trust your employees, if an account was compromised, it could mean the bad guys get more access to your data. When employees leave your company, it is important that termination of access is immediate. This protects your data from angry former employees. When termination of access isn’t immediate, critical systems could be vulnerable to attack. One of the most common vulnerabilities is the compromise of a forgotten orphan account.

Learn More about Simeio’s End-to-End Identity Administration

Simeio protects more than 100,000,000 identities. Our IDA solutions are scalable and can be customized to fit the unique needs of your business. To learn more about how Simeio can help you protect your data and your reputation, contact us. We’re here to help!

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“We had a vision where our internal people could have one stop shopping for their access when they join. And when they leave that access will be removed in a timely manner. We couldn’t have done this without Simeio.”