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Identity Vault

In an age of Digital Transformation, where user expectations are higher than ever and “know me” is the new mantra of everyone (customers, employees, and partners), giving access to verify the identity of a user with less friction is a tall order.

Introducing Simeio’s Identity Vault, an identity proofing solution deployed on the cloud to facilitate easy and secure access to applications and verifying the identity of a person in any place and from any device. It provides the ability to do business entirely online, by verifying that the user is whom they claim to be and establishing a credibility score.

Omni-Channel Solution
Leverage an Omni-channel experience that lets end-users and administrators register, upload and verify identity in simple intuitive flows.
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Easy Integration
Integrate into existing websites, applications or leverage our existing Simeio IO application. Allow end-users to leverage multiple registration flows including enterprise, consumer or social registrations and logins.
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ID Scan
Upload identity cards by scanning government-issued photo ID such as a driver’s license to have fields prepopulated.
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Identity Verification
Using machine learning algorithms, we complete a likeness check to compare facial biometrics in selfie photo and ID photo.
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Identity Proofing
Complete proofing to verify identity by integrating into additional data sources such as passport, banking, health, or telecom databases.
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TrueID Score
As additional proofing and verifications are completed a TrueID score is generated for the user, which can be used to unlock additional user functions.
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Consent & Privacy Manager
Put users in control of their data, which maximizes users’ ability to control “who” and “how” their data is accessed. This includes the ability to delegate access to data sources and applications.
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