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Identity Orchestrator Essentials Free for 12 Months*

As an organization, I realize that we are very fortunate that we can go entirely remotely at the drop of a hat. I also realize that most organizations do not have that luxury.

Because of this, as the CEO and co-founder of Simeio Solutions, I would like to volunteer our assistance as much as we can.

At this time, we are offering small and medium businesses our Identity Orchestrator Essentials under 200 employees and up to three applications at no cost for 12 months.

Identity Orchestrator Essentials is a turnkey Identity and Access Management Identity-as-a-Service solution for small-to-medium size businesses. No matter where your workforce is located, Identity Orchestrator Essentials helps your users get the right access to the right application at the right time, securely and safely.

Enable comprehensive user management via workflows to your remote workforce by:

  • Federating identity and provide access to applications via SAML, OAuth, and OpenID Connect
  • Viewing a list of active users, suspicious login attempts, and failed logins and export event data to SIEM systems for security event monitoring and identity analytics
  • Authenticating your users via biometrics on Android or iOS, mobile authentication, or username and password

Initial free use period of 12 months. Offer valid for new customers only. The free period automatically converts to a paid subscription unless terminated prior to the end of the 12-month term.