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Terms & Conditions

  1. Prices: Prices mentioned in the Purchase Order are firm and not subject to any change unless specifically agreed by Simeio (hereinafter referred to as “Company”) in writing.
  2. Taxes: Vendor shall pay applicable all taxes, duties, levies, surcharge or similar levies unless specifically stated otherwise.
  3. Terms of Payment: Unless stated otherwise, the terms of payment will be net 60 days after receipt of the invoice.               
  4. Expenses: All expenses including travel, accommodation, freight, parts or components, etc., incidental to the performance of the Purchase Order shall be borne by the Vendor unless specifically stated otherwise. No expenses shall be reimbursed unless specifically stated in the Purchase Order.  Reimbursement of expenses wherever agreed in Purchase Order will require bills in original to be submitted.
  5. Quality: Vendor will ensure and guarantee the goods/services supplied against the Purchase Order are strictly in conformity with the descriptions/specifications approved by Company and as per the SOW / SLA / Contract agreed upon pursuant to this Purchase Order.   
  6. Cancellation: Company reserves the right to cancel the Purchase Order in the event of non-compliance with the delivery schedule / non-satisfactory performance as per the Purchase Order / SOW / SLA / Contract.
  7. Returns: Company reserves the right to return the non-conforming goods or services to the Vendor.
  8. License: Vendor agrees and grants Company all rights and licenses necessary to use and sell or sub-license the use and sale of the products/services sold or exercise their rights under this Service Order / SOW / SLA / Contract.            
  9. Title: Title to and risk in all goods against this Purchase Order will be transferred by the Supplier to the Company only upon delivery and acceptance thereof by the Company.
  10. Warranty: Goods/services supplied shall have a warranty period of one year unless otherwise specified. In case of malfunctioning or manufacturing defects in the goods or parts/components thereof, the vendor will either replace or make good the defect.
  11. Documents: Supplies should be covered by all required documents, including but not restricted to : (a) Delivery Challan in duplicate; (b) Invoice in duplicate; (c) Excise Gate Pass in case of excisable goods; (d) Certificate of Installation & Commissioning, if applicable; (e) Certificate of Warranty; (f) Inspection / Verification Report from the User department / Procurement department (g) Service Call Report / Time Sheet. The vendor will be responsible for all and any consequences of improper documentation.  Invoices should bear the Purchase Order No. & Date, a complete description of goods/services, HSN, Billing Terms, and relevant Tax Registration Nos.
  12. Statutory Regulations: Vendor shall comply with the requirement of statutory provisions and shall be solely responsible for fulfillment of all legal obligation, statutes or regulations of Central, State and/or local authorities and the vendor will indemnify Company from loss or damages, penalties, payments or other consequences on account of any such violations.
  13. Indemnity: Supplier shall indemnify Company and keep fully indemnified on demand, loss, cause or damage to any property including the goods/services supplied, or injury or death of any person caused by any negligent act or omission or misconduct of vendor, its employees, laborers, agents in the process of such supplies.               
  14. Force Majeure: In the event of a stoppage of our business activity due to any act of God or any other unforeseen circumstances beyond the control of Company, Company reserves the right to cancel or modify this Service Order without liability for compensation or claim.
  15. Jurisdiction: Any dispute concerning this Purchase Order is subjected to the jurisdiction of the relevant office of the Company that is issuing the Purchase Order.
  16. Legal Construction: The contract shall be construed as per the applicable contractual laws of the jurisdiction where the relevant office of the Company located and is issuing the Purchase Order.