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Jayne Hallock
May 30th, 2017

This Spring, we attended the Southeast Regional Cyber Defense Competition, hosted at nearby Kennesaw college. For two grueling days, teams of college students faced off against fake hackers that were attempting to compromise each team’s fake company. Exhausting, exhilarating, endless challenges.

After the competition closed out, everyone met for a delicious and de-stressing luncheon. There we met and interviewed a few of what we like to call the “Next Generation of Cyber Warriors.”

(You can read our first two profiles: Cyber Warrior Heather Lawrence here and the profile of “The Kendallion Stallion” here.)

Today let’s meet our third and final Cyber Warrior. Meet…

Peter Kruszka

PKruszka (1)

Age:  Mid-60s
School: Kennesaw State
From:  Brooklyn, NY
Favorite movie: Young Frankenstein

Most Stressful Thing About the Competition

It’s stressful in that it’s realistic in terms of a real work environment. You’ve got technical challenges and you’ve got business tasks. They’re constant and they’re oppressive! They’re coming at you one after the other. There’s no time to put your feet up. You have to multitask and work together.

Dream Job:

Already had it. I was a System Administrator onboard a Navy ship (I was a civilian). I loved it. I traveled the world and learned all sorts of neat tech stuff. Went to Bahrain, Australia, Japan, San Diego. And the best part was – no commute!

(Well, when I did commute, it was 36 hours door to door).

So Why Go Back to School?

I’m retired but I’m planning for an “encore career.”  I want to work for a few more years. I feel like a person with my attributes would be best suited for information security because there is a shortage of those skills in the current workforce.

I’m hoping that with 35 years of IT experience and a brand new degree, I should be able to find something! That’s my marketing strategy, anyway.

What Do you Think isn’t Working Anymore in Cybersecurity?

There are lot of changes. The field has evolved – and I’m just thinking about information security, computer science, etc. – into specialties. It’s just like specialists in the medical profession. You have your computer science people, your information security people, your network engineers, your project management, your programmers.

The technology is changing too. The tech atrophies, so you’re constantly upgrading equipment. Microsoft will come out with Server 2003 and then Server 2008 and then 2012 and so on. Certifications have to come out to keep up with them, so there is a constant evolution of technology that you have to keep up with.

It’s very fluid and very sophisticated.

**This concludes our Cyberwarrior Series. But if Simeio Solutions is about anything – it’s about people. The critical, unique human factor of the world of Cybersecurity. In the coming weeks and months, you’ll see many more profiles of the smart, funny, fascinating people who work in the Information Security and Identity Management world. Stay tuned!**