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Abhi Yadav
May 3rd, 2017

In April, we were lucky enough to attend (and co-sponsor with our friends at EC Council) the Southeast Regional Cyber Defense Competition. There, we met and interviewed a few of what we like to call the “Next Generation of Cyber Warriors.”

(You can read our first profile of Cyber Warrior Heather Lawrence here.)

Now let’s get to know…

Kendall Morris

Kendall Morris

Kendall Morris

Age: 18
Nickname: The Kendallion Stallion
School: Kennesaw State University
From: Atlanta, GA
Favorite movie: Takedown (The story of a 1990’s phone hacker)

Most Stressful Thing About the Competition

Meeting both the technical and business needs. You have to provide so much documentation! The biz side of me was saying, “Document everything!” Then my tech side was saying, “Get it fixed RIGHT NOW, worry about the documentation and consequences later!” But you can’t do that in infosecurity because the CIO always wants to know what’s going on!

Why Kendall Decided to Join the Competition

I did some competitions with my ROTC in high school, one of them was called the Cyberpatriot competition. Now, since I’m in the infosec program at KSU, I thought it would be fun to join this with my friends and see what it’s like!

The Kendallion Stallion’s Dream Job


Eventually I want to start something of my own, some sort of internet application company. Maybe work on some kind of hardware appliance or something in IoT. But in the meantime, I’m looking forward to starting a career as a security professional.

Future of Cybersecurity


IoT is a big new risk! One huge thing to monitor in infosec is your “attack surface,” or how many things you have that are exposed to the internet. So when you have your toilet and your toaster online, it’s going to make it possible for someone to hack into your toaster. Not only will they be able to burn your toast…but they could also pivot and hack into all of your bank accounts.

Final Thoughts


If you want to get started on infosec, just start messing around and trying stuff online. Get out there and start building your knowledge base, because you never know what might come in handy later.