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New Study Underscores IAM Importance for Cybersecurity and Risk Management

Less than half of organizations are satisfied, while the majority would like more confidence in their IAM programs

ATLANTA, March 5, 2020—Simeio Solutions recently sponsored a new IAM report that explores the latest trends, key challenges, gaps and solution preferences for Identity and Access Management (IAM). The 2020 Identity and Access Management Report, produced by Cybersecurity Insiders, reveals how IT organizations are improving and safeguarding critical data and infrastructure.”

Conducted in January of 2020, the IAM report is based upon the results from a comprehensive online survey of cybersecurity professionals. Survey respondents range from technical executives to IT security practitioners. They represent a cross-section of Cybersecurity Insider’s 400,000 member organizations of different sizes, and across multiple industries.

The report encompasses areas that are working, and those that are not, for security operations teams in securing access to sensitive data, applications and systems. Some of the key findings include:

The importance of IAM

  • 89% of organizations think IAM is very important to extremely important to their overall risk management and security posture

Top IAM drivers

  • 72% – security
  • 52% – operational efficiency
  • 47% – breach prevention

Additional drivers include compliance or auditing reporting, system and application access monitoring, password self-servicing and administrative reporting.

Unauthorized Access

  • Organizations that experienced unauthorized access to sensitive systems and data, and system downtime in the past 12 months:
    • 23% – had the biggest business impact
    • 22% – disrupted business activities 
    • 21% – increased help desk load 

Excessive access privileges

  • Nearly half of organizations (49%), report at least some users with more access privileges than required for their job:
    • 34% – most users
    • 10% – all users 
    • 5% – have more access privileges than required for their job

Critical IAM capabilities

  • Respondents identified what IAM capabilities are the most important to them:
    • 66% – prioritize role-based access control as the most critical IAM capability 
    • 56% – single sign-on 
    • 51%) – system and application access monitoring 

Key challenges

  • 41% – lack of automation
  • 43% – lack of skilled staff
  • 33% – are not utilizing proper technologies 

“It is encouraging to see that so many companies understand the importance IAM brings to cybersecurity and risk management,” states Vikram Subramanian, Vice President of Solutions at Simeio Solutions. “This survey makes it clear that security professionals are aware of the advantages that can be gained with identity and access to protect their company’s assets and data. Now is the time for companies to invest in effective IAM strategies and solutions, that help put them in a proactive position to get in front of potential threats.”

A webinar–The Secrets to Deploying a Successful IAM Solution–will be held today, March 5 at 2:00 pm EST and will include experts from Simeio Solutions and Cybersecurity Insiders. The live session will discuss the required foundational capabilities of a successful IAM solution, including reducing capability overload and IAM investment options for a limited budget.