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Abhi Yadav
October 4th, 2016

The 2016 Oracle Open World (OOW) got off to an amazing start on Sunday afternoon with the announcement that Oracle was acquiring Palerra to extend its current security capabilities with a Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) solution. The announcement made its way into Larry Ellison’s keynote speech and further amplified Oracle’s messaging around cloud and security.

This is great news for Simeio clients. We have existing partnerships and strong relationships with both Oracle and Palerra. We’ve recognized the fit between the two organizations for some time, and as a result, we have many clients that are #SimeioSafe thanks to services we provide that combine the Oracle and Palerra solutions.

For the Simeio team at OOW, the days and nights were spent running between meetings with sales, product folks, clients and prospects. The focus from the Oracle sales and product teams was on how can we collaborate more with each other. And the recurring theme we heard from clients and prospective clients was that they continue to have a shortage of experienced, in-house identity and security resources, and need more help from Simeio.

Out on the exhibition floor, Simeio was perfectly positioned as the only Identity and Access Management (IAM) partner in the Oracle Middleware Showcase, where all the Oracle IAM demos were set up. We showcased our Simeio Identity Orchestrator™ solution, which provides a single, lightweight, user-friendly interface for managing IAM solutions from multiple vendors, including the robust Oracle solutions. People we wp_simeio with were impressed with the ability to use this single, easy-to-use interface across all Oracle enterprise Identity Management technologies as well as the Oracle Identity Cloud Service (IDCS). This ties together nicely with one of the development themes that Oracle has been emphasizing, which is an API-first design. The Oracle solutions serve as the engine, while the Simeio Identity Orchestrator solution provides the rich, business friendly user experience by leveraging the Oracle APIs. Our own Abhi Yadav talked more about Simeio Identity Orchestrator during an OOW session.

Finally, a big thank-you to our clients T-Mobile and Jefferies for their acknowledgements of Simeio’s capabilities during their OOW panel session. They understand that IAM needs to be run as a formal, comprehensive program – it is not a solution that is deployed once and forgotten about until there is an issue. We at Simeio are proud to be part of their success.



Darren Calman
VP, Business Development
Simeio Solutions