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Certified expertise.

The Simeio knowledge base is extensive because it’s required for the delivery of successful IAM implementations for every one of our clients. That’s a certifiable fact. We comply with a range of industry-standard certifications such as:


Simeio has certified its information systems to AICPA SOC 2 Type II level to successfully audit the operational, security, and privacy processes of our service and our company.

Customers or prospects can access the audit report by making a request of your account manager.

ISO/IEC 27001:2013

Simeio has achieved ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification by securing the information systems to the Identity and Access Management (IAM) Advisory & Consulting Services, IAM Implementation Services, IDaaS & IAM Managed Services, IAM Optimization Services and Simeio Identity Intelligence Center (IIC).

Simeio’s ISO 27001:2013 certification is available here.

Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) Security, Trust, & Assurance Registry (STAR) Level 2 Attestation

Due to the increase risks on the cloud environments, Simeio understands the need to secure sensitive data on the cloud, thus Simeio earned the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) Security, Trust, & Assurance Registry (STAR) Level 2 Attestation. Simeio has accredited Gold level certification.

Learn more about CSA STAR certification here.

View Simeio’s CSA STAR certificate here.

ISO 27018:2019

Simeio’s ISO 27018:2019 certification shows our capability to protect personally identifiable information (PII) on the public cloud environment.

Learn more about the ISO 27018:2019 certification here.

GDPR Compliance

Simeio is a Type I independent practitioner on the Information Security and Privacy Program for the Identity and Access Management Services system relevant to the General Data Protection Regulation.