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Hemen Vimadalal
April 2nd, 2020

Our continued commitment to our customers

I would like to personally assure our customers that we will continue to provide the critical services you need during this challenging time of great uncertainty. As a global security services provider with a large, distributed workforce it is reassuring to know that we have been able to adapt to the recent COVID-19 conditions while maintaining the high level of service our clients have come to expect.

We understand how important it is for you to know your company’s assets are protected during this time when most, or all, employees are working from home, and access must be continually monitored and user identities intelligently managed. We have assigned a COVID-19 task force and have taken measures to ensure critical services to our customers continue without disruption. Our priority is to continuously provide unsurpassed access protection for your business resources and technology assets.

No strings attached, volunteer advisement and consultation

We have been asking our teams and our clients what else we can do to help, as community members, during this unprecedented challenge. The spirited and tireless response from my Simeio family has been heart-warming.  In recent days, at no cost to our clients, our teams have helped in areas such as: 

  • configuring remote access and automating the rollout of security profiles
  • implementing multi-factor authentication to more adequately secure remote access
  • processing massive role and security profile changes to enable the shift to a remote workforce 

We realize there are many others in need, and we want to volunteer our assistance in any way practical. Therefore, we are extending our help for free for anyone seeking advice or additional bandwidth to help ensure you have the proper protections in place until the COVID-19 impact has passed. Sometimes it’s hard to ask for help but right now we all need to lean on each other, and we genuinely want to be helpful.

I have been awestruck by how our communities, and in fact, the world, have responded by coming together to combat this global pandemic. Just know that our team is here for you, and committed to helping every company, in any way we can. I urge you to stay safe and know you can count on Simeio to support you. For immediate assistance, please contact us here:

All my best,