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Privileged Identity and Account Management:
Popular Trends and Solutions

Understanding and establishing a private and secure network is vitally important in the management of any IT infrastructure. Privileged Identity Management (PIM), also sometimes
referred to as privileged access/account management (PAM), is what allows a company or business to manage user accounts and determine what users have access to certain information.

It is essential to understand the growing and changing elements of PIM and how you can best utilize it for the success and efficient management of your servers and systems. Understanding why PIM is different and how its vulnerabilities outweigh those of end user identity management is the first step in learning what to expect from a PIM solution.

The goal of any privileged identity management solution is to prevent breaches and protect important assets and information. According to recent studies, approximately 50% of current security breaches were not uncovered for months. Explore how this could be and what you can do to prevent and catch any problems before its too late. Most of these breaches stem from privileged accounts and users’ lack of understanding on the proper and secure access of vital information.

“State of Identity” is a new, educational podcast that discusses the many avenues of privileged identity management—hosted and led by Cameron D’Ambrosi, accompanied by Simeio’s own Shawn Keve and Abhumanya Yadav.

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Explore the ways in which PIM can help in the security of your assets: from managing and tracking all access that users have, to introducing multi-factor authentication, or even how to understand proper risk assessment to determine possible threats.

Protecting your personal information and private credentials begins with your relationship with privileged access management and how you use it. In just a short thirty minutes, discover how to implement a PIM solution that fits your needs, and understand how best to protect yourself from a security breach using new, trending solutions. Protection is proactive and it starts with you. Enter your information to start listening and preparing your security team now!