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Abhi Yadav
December 7th, 2016

Simeio’s next generation Identity Platform


In my previous articles, I discussed the 5 growing expectations businesses now have that are driving transformation in the Identity as a Service (IDaaS) industry – what I’ve called “next-generation IDaaS.” In this, my third and final post in the series, I get to toot our own horn a bit and explain how Simeio is responding to these new demands. If you missed either of my first two blog posts in this series, you can catch up on them here:

Unlike most other IDaaS providers, who primarily host and maintain your identity and access management (IAM) infrastructure but still expect you to operate it, we offer Managed Identity Services – we operate, monitor and defend your IAM infrastructure as a full-service solution.

Of course, the concept of Managed Services isn’t new. But there’s a fundamental difference between simply outsourcing the task of managing your IAM infrastructure and delivering on the promise of next-generation IDaaS. While it’s inherently valuable to have experts handling the job, next-generation IDaaS requires more than just people; otherwise it’s just a different group of people doing the same old things.

Next-gen IDaaS requires a next-generation identity platform. That’s exactly what we’ve built at Simeio.

By definition, every IDaaS provider has a platform. Although the list is pretty extensive, what makes ours different – and an enabler of next-gen IDaaS – boils down to two key features: identity virtualization and identity analytics.

Identity virtualization

Identity virtualization is a unique and critically important feature of our platform, abstracting the functions used to operate and manage your IAM infrastructure from the underlying technologies.

Okay – I’ll admit that “identity virtualization” sounds like just another IT buzzword. So as my marketing colleagues often remind me to do, let’s talk about the benefits.

First, it enables us to be vendor, technology and deployment agnostic. Put simply, this means it doesn’t matter what mix of IAM vendors or technologies you have, or where they’re deployed – on premise, in the cloud, or a combination of the two – in order to enjoy the benefits of next-generation IDaaS. No other IDaaS provider can make this claim.

We can use your existing IAM infrastructure – or we can augment it with advanced capabilities or replace it entirely with our IDaaS solutions. You can choose from a wide-range of IAM and security solutions from leading vendors, including Oracle, CA Technologies, Dell, IBM, ForgeRock, Saviynt, Palerra, ObserveIT, Lieberman Software, CyberArk, BeyondTrust, RSA, Brinqa, Securonix and more.

I can’t overstate the importance of this. No one-size-fits-all IDaaS model can possibly meet the dynamic requirements of today’s digital enterprise – which is why we sell capabilities, not software.

In fact, in order to offer the broadest and deepest set of Managed Identity Services on the market today, we have to combine best-of-breed technologies from multiple vendors – no one vendor’s stack does it all. So rather than introduce complexity to achieve this goal by adding multiple technologies that have to be managed separately, our platform enables us to actually simplify operations.

There are important business benefits too.

Regardless of the complexity of the underlying infrastructure, you still get “one throat to choke” with our Service Level Agreements (SLAs) guaranteeing uptime. It also significantly reduces risk by eliminating vendor or technology lock in.

You get unparalleled flexibility and agility with the freedom to combine best-in-class offerings to create a solution that’s customized to meet your specific requirements, and the freedom to add, switch or upgrade any component at any time to meet new or changing needs and seize fleeting business opportunities.

We can deploy individual IAM capabilities such as privileged account management and multi-factor authentication, or even entire IAM solutions in a fraction of the time – and a fraction of the cost – of building and developing your own. And so your IAM capabilities can actually become a business enabler instead of a bottleneck as your business needs evolve.

The business model is equally as flexible. You have the option of using a cost-effective multi-tenant solution or using a dedicated environment. You get a choice of “pay as you go” pricing options; services can be licensed per user, per transaction or subscribed through a fixed monthly fee.

Identity analytics

As I discussed in my previous post, next-gen IDaaS solutions must provide organizations with a new and improved level of analytics that enables them to better understand risk and to address it up front – as well as to identify opportunities to add value.

In today’s connected enterprise, you can’t simply firewall off your sensitive data to keep it safe; too many people need access to it in order to do business. So what’s the key to keeping the bad guys out while letting the good guys in? Analytics.

Simeio Identity Intelligence combines proprietary and best-in-class monitoring and alerting technologies, System Information and Event Management (SIEM) technologies, and User Behavior Analytics (UBA) to create a powerful solution that’s designed to provide real-time insights into how digital identities are being used – or misused.

It’s designed to detect both security vulnerabilities and malicious activity tied to identity, such as ghost accounts or undeleted default accounts, or atypical access patterns such as unusual times or locations.

It includes special features for monitoring and recording privileged user activities – those associated with accounts used by system administrators that provide nearly unfettered access to your entire IT infrastructure where, in the wrong hands, the damage can be catastrophic.

It then goes further to provide identity intelligence and behavioral analysis. It offers insights into patterns of usage among employee, partner, supplier or customer accounts, and analytics that can be exploited by sales or marketing to identify new business opportunities.

People still make the difference

While I’ve focused here on the Simeio Identity Platform, I don’t want to conclude without at least a nod to our people. IAM is a complicated discipline that requires rare and deep expertise that lies outside the typical company’s core competency.

At Simeio, we have the largest in-house team of consultants, engineers, analysts and advisory professionals compared to any other IDaaS provider. You get greater efficiencies through aggregation of knowledge, harnessing broad actionable intelligence, and having a full complement of security professionals on hand at all times.

Our people and our technology come together in the Simeio Identity Intelligence Center™ (IIC), our cutting-edge Center of Excellence for Identity and Access Management. Simeio IIC™ enables us to deliver Managed Identity Services far more efficiently and effectively than any other provider.

Get in touch and we’ll be happy to show you how our next-generation Identity Platform can transform the way you look at identity management.

Abhimanyu Yadav
Vice President of Product Management
Simeio Solutions