Application onboarding is a key component of the overall IAM program. Many enterprises invest on IGA and other identity tools and solutions. However, the traditional onboarding that is a core process, is often manual and take months and expend many resources. Modernized App On-Boarding empowers companies to utilize complete value of IAM by providing improved controls & compliance posture and centralized visibility into IAM program maturity.

“The biggest barrier of IAM modernization is adoption – specifically application onboarding due to its complexities. What Simeio has built has proven ability to accelerate onboarding and reduce the complexities of a constantly changing security environment, thus scaling IAM deployments,” said Chris Schueler, CEO, Simeio. “With the next generation app onboarding service, we guarantee our clients will experience faster, and more secured IAM deployments, backed with the most advanced technologies.”

With the increase in digital transformation programs, the need for modernization and convergence of IAM platforms is increasing. Modernization is not limited to a platform but requires an overhaul of the business processes and approach. Simeio has decentralized the onboarding process, while centralizing the visibility to the app owners. Modernized Application Onboarding developed by Simeio provides internal stakeholders with valuable intelligence through an intuitive dashboard. This dashboard displays the total number of apps within the organization and the number of apps that have been onboarded thus providing visibility into the key success metrics of the IAM solutions. The modernized application onboarding service can lower costs and reduce the time to onboard an app by as much as 80% with 50% less resources.

“The major challenge for enterprises after they’ve deployed IAM is onboarding their mission-critical applications,” states Asif Savvas, Senior Vice President of Products at Simeio. “It requires highly skilled resources and creates long deployment cycles that are typically manual and error prone. We’re simplifying the onboarding process, reducing IT team fatigue, and maximizing the overall value and investment of both IAM and the onboarded applications.”

Simeio Modernized Application Onboarding as-a-Service Highlights:

  • A cross-service, cross-technology app onboarding platform
  • Yearly onboarding-as-a-service includes up to 10 apps in the first year
  • Provides unlimited app configuration management
  • Supports PingFederate and Okta, and IGA services support for Saviynt
  • Supports on-premises or SaaS IAM platforms
  • Includes onboarding for IGA and access management services

Availability: Simeio’s Modernized Application Onboarding Service is available immediately, and is delivered through the Simeio MSP platform Identity Orchestrator.

About Simeio

Founded in 2007, Simeio is an award-winning global managed services provider offering Identity and Access Management solutions delivered as a service and interoperable with leading IAM tools. The company has 700+ employees worldwide including identity experts dedicated to securing and protecting over 160 million identities globally for enterprises, institutions, and government entities of all sizes. Services and solutions from Simeio include Customer Identity & Access Management, Privileged Access Management, Identity Proofing, Access Management & Federation, Identity Governance & Administration, Application Onboarding, and a platform to manage multiple IAM tools for a seamless experience – Simeio Identity Orchestrator.

Headquartered in Alpharetta, Georgia, and with 4 Security Operations Centers worldwide, Simeio provides services to many Fortune 500 and Fortune 1000 companies across all industries, and government entities. The company has been recognized and awarded for its business and technical leadership by publications like IncCyber Defense and CRN multiple times, has been highly rated by Gartner, Forrester and Kuppinger Cole, and was recently ranked by Great Places to Work®.

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