Case Study – Boosted User Adoption for a Healthcare Service Provider

Client Description

The client is an independent, not-for-profit organization funded by the federal government. They accelerate the development, adoption, and effective use of digital health solutions to improve healthcare. The organization helps deliver better quality and access to care and more efficient delivery of health services for patients and clinicians.

Project Background

The client was looking to develop an ambitious initiative to create a framework for a trusted national ecosystem to connect citizens their health information with digital health services. They wanted to develop a national cloud-based gateway utility built on a trust framework with standard interfaces. The client was facing a daunting challenge for patients to access digital healthcare applications reliably and consistently. Some of the additive trials were the lack of digital access and base capabilities of a foundational system to support the potential user base. There were various technical integration challenges and siloed identity repositories across an almost innumerable base of patient facing (standalone) healthcare applications.


Simeio was engaged to develop an Identity, Access, and Consent as a Service solution to enable citizens with improvised access to healthcare services with greater control over their digital health information. The platform would have about 37 million users, thus needed rapid scalability and reliability to support a huge user base.


The development of IACaaS created a single deployment of identity, access, and consent that the client would offer. It would enable all citizens to access their health-related information via a single login. Simeio also supported an identity service that incorporates or federates with existing healthcare applications. It would allow users to control how they retrieve their digital health records and supports privacy concerns over who can access them. The technical implementation was based on the Ping Identity suite integrated into Simeio Identity Orchestrator and delivered as a fully hosted Simeio Identity as a Service (IDaaS) offering for all citizens.


  • 37 MN citizens covered.
  • Nationwide deployment of identity, access, and consent.
  • Single set of identity credentials to secure data and retrieval.
  • User adoption improved by 70%.