Do you really need full cybersecurity coverage? Can’t your users make do with the current state of your identity management platforms, even if they have a few hiccups? If that is your mindset, we invite you to consider these common identity challenges and their consequences. If your identity solution can be classed as “immature,” are you prepared to face the potential consequences? Or would you prefer to reap the rewards of a mature identity and access management solution?

A Simeio benchmarking session is one of the most affordable managed identity service offerings available. However, we understand that every expense must be carefully measured. If your enterprise is committed to undertaking a full digital transformation and improving your identity fabric, then the maturity benchmark is a necessary first step. But perhaps you are unsure if your company needs identity improvement at all.

Benchmarking Leads to Maturity, Maturity Leads to Success

One of the most impactful results of inadequate identity platforms is their vulnerability to cyberattacks. A 2023 IBM report estimated the average global cost of a data breach at $4.45 MN. Additionally, satisfying the requirements of regulations such as NERC can result in penalties as high as a million dollars a day. Finally, consider the cost in time and budget to your internal identity management team. As many as 64% of cybersecurity workers interviewed in 2024 confessed to overwork driving them to switch jobs. These challenges are unavoidable for digital businesses.

A Simeio identity maturity benchmarking session provides a clear view of both your most pressing issues and the steps needed to resolve them. Furthermore, the end result extends far beyond merely bringing your enterprise up to an acceptable minimum standard. The objective of your digital transformation with Simeio is to reshape your identity management platform into its optimal form. This keeps it competitive with your industry peers, fortifies it against emerging threats, and enables frictionless user experiences for customers, employees, and partners.

Schedule your Identity benchmarking session today and start your journey toward identity maturity now.

Benchmarking in your enterprise