About This Webinar

Organizations are facing increasingly sophisticated threats, making the job of protecting and securing critical data and information more challenging. The key question is how are enterprises determining their identity vision and its role in enabling the success of a security program?

Join Brandon Nolan, VP Product Management, Simeio and Carlos Garcia, Sr. Principal Architect, Optum as they share insights on what is driving the need for a unified IAM vision and other key insights.

The Challenges of Forming an Identity Vision

Producing a solid identity vision requires a substantial knowledge base and extensive identity expertise. Your internal identity management team, even if they are skilled enough to recognize your most pressing objectives, may not have the best possible perspective. A myopic internal view limits the scope of your team’s vision. Their inside-only perspective confines them to narrow thinking in terms of their own industry and company instead of the larger developments in identity. This potentially leads to outdated or inappropriate solutions being implemented. Furthermore, that implementation requires careful execution across potentially thousands of applications and hundreds of thousands of identities. 

A single checklist item such as application onboarding presents a host of challenges. The limited number of team members available may well prove insufficient to complete the overhaul in a timely manner. Additionally, you must consider the effect this workload has on pre-existing duties. Will your identity fabric become compromised by your CISO devoting their resources to transferring your applications? How long will they be preoccupied by the project, potentially allowing bad actors a chance to slip through undetected?

How Simeio Fulfills your Identity Vision

By introducing Simeio’s team of veteran identity and access management experts, your enterprise gains access to the precise perspective you need. The team overseen major rollouts for diverse industries worldwide. An identity maturity assessment provides a holistic examination of your specific identity needs. Furthermore, beyond designing a bespoke plan tailored to fulfilling your unique identity vision, the Simeio team can scale up and handle implementation. This ensures that not only does your identity vision focus in on the most critical objectives necessary to achieve an optimal identity solution, but that its execution is frictionless, timely, and on-budget.

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How sharp is your IAM Vision?