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Abhi Yadav
November 7th, 2016

This fall has been a busy time with lots of trade events related to identity and security, and as usual, the 2016 RSA Charge Conference was one of the more interesting ones.

At this year’s conference, there was lots of buzz and awareness about Simeio having just received the highest score in Gartner’s recent report on Critical Capabilities for IDaaS, Worldwide, in the traditional/legacy workforce use case. This recognition was viewed by both RSA and its customers as a huge advantage and a real contributor to the strength of our partnership with RSA.

Day 1 kicked off as team Simeio soaked up the opening keynote by RSA President Amit Yoran. One point he made stuck with us: the value of perspective.


Yoran described how perspective changed the game of Dick Fosbury, the famed Olympic high jumper. Fosbury was the first to take advantage of the new soft foam landing pads, which had just replaced piles of sand, to change his jumping style. Fosbury could have kept using the same old style that jumpers had been using for generations and simply enjoyed the benefit of a softer landing. Instead, he saw the introduction of the new pads as an opportunity to reinvent his style. This new jumping style, dubbed the “Fosbury Flop,” resulted in breakthrough results…all because he changed perspective.

It seems to us that there is a parallel in enterprise Identity and Access Management (IAM), where the newly introduced elements are the cloud and managed identity services. What happens when the full capabilities of traditional on-premise IAM can be achieved with a cloud service? What happens when the cloud service is accompanied by a high-touch, concierge-level, “white glove” service?

Some may simply continue to do what they’ve done in the past and enjoy the benefit of lower costs that such a solution affords. But others are likely to see these more secure and robust capabilities as an opportunity to reinvent their entire business – to make a significant digital transformation by changing how they engage with customers and partners and creating new revenue opportunities. It all depends on their perspective.

Day 1 continued with a dinner event with our trusted partner Lieberman Software, where we were able to show appreciation for our mutual customer, SeaWorld, as well as engage in a lively discussion around Privileged Access Management. We discussed how organizations like SeaWorld can take advantage of Simeio’s Managed Identity Services for Privileged Access Management to beef up their security in this area – one that many consider to be the most vulnerable part of any enterprise network.

The next day, we were especially gratified to be able to share the stories of our awesome customers SeaWorld and Asurion in our session “The IAM Journey – From ‘On-Prem’ Implementation to Sustainable Managed Service.” Our EVP, Global Sales and Marketing, Shawn Keve was able to add his insight as well.

The SeaWorld experience was of particular interest to many in the audience. SeaWorld, which operates 12 theme parks and entertainment facilities and related corporate offices, had been struggling with Sarbanes-Oxley compliance due to manual and difficult-to-manage processes. The panel detailed the three-phased implementation approach that Simeio used to help SeaWorld streamline and automate those processes with minimal disruption to ongoing operations.

Simeio helped SeaWorld use the RSA Identity Governance solution in parallel with the old manual method for a period of time to get everyone used to the new processes and to instill confidence in their accuracy and reliability – but it also clearly demonstrated the incredible savings in time and effort that the conversion to the new solution afforded.


Probably the most rewarding part of the experience was the way people we had just met reacted to the Simeio value proposition. In particular, many told us that they understood that that no one-size-fits-all identity solution could possibly meet the needs of the typical enterprise. They really appreciated the flexibility that only Simeio can offer because – thanks to our cutting-edge Identity Platform – our security and identity solutions are vendor, technology and deployment agnostic. It means we can offer the right combination of software and services to meet the unique needs of any organization at any scale, using their infrastructure or ours, on premise or in the cloud, or a hybrid of the two.

Such flexibility is possible only when combined with deep expertise with a broad range of identity and security technologies, something we pride ourselves on here at Simeio. Several times in just a few minutes of conversation, the Simeio team was able to find common ground, establish credibility and build resonance. We are really excited about exploring how we will be able to assist these customers.

We are already looking forward to RSA Charge 2017. See you in Dallas!

Ed Pascua, SVP Channel Sales
and the RSA Charge Team
Simeio Solutions