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Check your Armor

Cybersecurity Built to Protect and Defend

Protection and security of valuable data and information is a huge concern for anyone looking to establish a server or online system. Hackers and identity thieves are constantly finding new ways to infiltrate and steal personal information, private data, and sensitive assets. Keeping one step ahead of these cyber-terrors and implementing successful identity and access management tools are crucial in building an IT infrastructure that can withstand any attacks or breaches. This e-book will help to identify the chinks and gaps in your armor and what you need to do in order to establish a strong, lasting cybersecurity network.

Many security issues can be traced back to user accounts misusing and abusing their access. Find out if your staff is making the “1, 2, 3, 4, Open Door” mistake, allowing thieves to sneak in through backdoors and past faulty security measures. Understanding what problems can arise and how to identify them is the first step in creating a secure and efficient IT infrastructure. Using privileged access management solutions, identity governance and administration techniques, and identity management access tools—such as IDaaS—will generate an IT system that can defend from any type of infiltration or inadequate account use.

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Learn about the most common security mistakes, why they happen, and the solutions required to fix them. 80% of most security breaches stem from the same exact problems, which means that one solution solves a multitude of issues across different security fields. Knowing your weaknesses is what will lead you to discovering your strengths.

“Check Your Armor” will help you identify the problems within your system and what solutions will work best to meet your personal cybersecurity needs. Enter your information below to receive the e-book, and learn how to protect your valuable information and data in an everchanging IT climate.