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Security and risk intelligence solutions that work wherever you’re located.

If your company works all over the world, so do our security and risk intelligence solutions. Simeio successfully deploys and maintains security and behavioral analytics for a wide variety of global companies requiring continuous risk monitoring.

By using sophisticated machine learning algorithms, we enable real-time detection of breaches and threats to provide the ultimate in network security. A threat to your global company environment can happen when you least expect it, but we’re there to help you stop it.

Global Threats Require a Comprehensive Security Solution

The Internet created the ability for businesses to get clients practically anywhere in the world. It also created more threats to the security of your data. Global threats to your data require a comprehensive security solution that continuously observes, monitors, and protects against security risks while also analyzing world-wide threats. Simieo offers businesses a comprehensive analytics and identity intelligence service as part of our Identity Intelligence Center to help keep your data safe.

Machine Learning Algorithms

In the ever-changing online environment, it’s not enough to employ human observation and analysis to refine your cyber-security defense.

The purpose of a machine learning algorithm isn’t to minimize the use of human cyber-security experts. It’s to help them ensure that all potential threats are noticed and increasingly complex IT environments continue to be protected. A human only has the ability to monitor and analyze a couple of hundred security threats in a given day. So, the addition of a machine learning algorithm helps by enabling you to monitor thousands of potential threats each day. This is an added layer of protection in a world that is full of real-time threats.

Security Behavioral Analytics

To continue to help you protect your digital assets, Simieo bakes identity behavioral analytics as part of our Identity Intelligence Center. Our analytics and identity intelligence services look for patterns while your data is being used or accessed that appear to be unusual from its traditional use. This process helps to locate access anomalies that can alert you to a potential attack

Continuous Risk Monitoring, Continuous Protection

Simieo analytics and identity intelligence service provides business with continuous monitoring. The bad guys never take a break and neither do we. Paying attention to access is key to protecting your data and your business reputation. With more than 100,000,000 identities protected, Simieo knows a thing or two about protecting access.

Our analytics and identity intelligence service helps keep your digital assets and your reputation safe. You stay in compliance and protect your data and business reputation with in-depth security risk intelligence. However, it’s important to recognize that using a cyber-security solution that keeps you in compliance doesn’t mean that you’re getting the best possible protection. Many static solutions help businesses stay compliant, but they aren’t the best way to protect your digital assets.

Businesses cannot afford to rely on static solutions to protect their data. The bad guys constantly change their plan of attack and re-develop their tools to steal your data and ruin your business.

Are You Ready to Learn More?

If you’re ready to learn how Simieo’s analytics and identity intelligence service can give you better protection from access related incidents, chat with one of our advisors. Our experienced, friendly advisors can answer your questions and help design and implement a security risk management solution that fits your business. Simieo’s solutions are designed to grow with businesses. Ready to get started? Contact us now.

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“If it were about the tools, we would have seen positive business results before we established our IAM program with Simeio. We had no shortage of tools. What we lacked, however, was a strategy and a platform to deliver the strategy.”