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Jayne Hallock
January 4th, 2018

As the Editor of Hum@n, I am constantly ‘taking the temperature’ of our readership. It’s important to me that we publish only compelling, interesting and ultimately useful content for you all.

And there’s only one real way to measure what readers actually enjoy.  Counting “likes” can be an indicator but likes are easy and half the time – kind of mindlessly given. Comments are also valuable, but sometimes a reader can like an article plenty but just not have anything to add.

No, the best way to determine what content is buzzworthy is determining what gets shared the most.  If a reader likes something enough to share it with his or her own cherished network of peers, then extra attention should be paid to that particular piece of content!

So we thought it was the perfect time to publish a round-up of the most shared posts of 2017.  They run the gamut, from identity trend webinars, to our popular “Breach Reports” to podcasts about Privileged Access Management.  Please take a moment to catch up on any pieces you might have missed this year and of course – please feel free to share with your own network…

“State of Identity” podcast about Privileged Access Management trends

How to Stay Off CNN: 5 Ways To Rethink IAM (& Avoid Security Breaches)

‘Tis the season (for identity theft)

The Equifax Breach: How to Educate Yourself

People, Get Ready: GDPR’s Big Changes & How to Prep for Them

We’re currently planning our editorial calendar for 2018 and, armed with your share-tastic feedback, we just know you’re going to love what’s coming up!

Happy New Year!