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Simeio Enables Secure and Private Online COVID-19 Test Results to Citizens of New Brunswick, Canada

The new solution provides quick, easy, and secure access to lab results through a Digital Identity.

TORONTO AND ATLANTA, May 5, 2020Simeio Solutions is pleased to announce they are a key solution provider in delivering secure and private online COVID-19 test results to citizens of the Province of New Brunswick, Canada.

New Brunswick has launched a new web portal where citizens can access their COVID-19 test results using a Digital Identity – as soon as the tests have been processed, usually within 24 to 48 hours. Previously, they had to wait for a call from a public health official.

Simeio Solutions Canada worked with MyHealthNB to provide citizens with secure access to personal healthcare information, protecting their privacy when accessing personal lab test results for COVID-19 from their computer or mobile device.

“With this new web portal, patients can access their test results faster from the safety of their home,” said Dr. Jennifer Russell, chief medical officer of health. “Quicker access to test results will relieve some of the stress associated with the testing process, and enable those with positive tests to take immediate actions to protect the health of their family and community.”

Combating COVID-19 requires rapid response

Simeio Identity as a Service solution was quickly deployed in just 18 days from receiving the initial request. The solution provides user registration, validation, identity verification, and secure services in both French and English. Simeio was able to meet very tight deadlines by leveraging the Simeio Identity Orchestrator (IO) and the Ping Identity technologies.

“This rapidly deployed identity solution is a testament to the advantages that innovative, full-service Digital Identity solutions can bring to government agencies, enterprises of all sizes and to virtually every industry that has, or is developing, digital infrastructure,” states Asif Savvas, SVP at Simeio Solutions. Simeio is powering a number of citizen identity initiatives in digital government and eCommerce across North America, with more than 150 million Digital Identities managed.

“I’m proud of the team’s efforts to develop such a comprehensive Citizen Identity solution that meets the requirements of the Province of New Brunswick at its time of need,” said Shawn Keve, Chief Revenue Officer at Simeio Solutions. “By integrating into the healthcare systems, it ensures registered users have valid access to Medicare services. It also verifies that the individuals accessing the health data are who they claim to be through a secure Digital Identity verification process.”

Technology solutions improve secure access to critical health information

“This pandemic has demonstrated the critical need for digital services. Secure and trusted identity solutions must become ubiquitous to ensure that interactions and transactions are as secure in the digital world as they are in the physical world.  Digital is no longer the nice to have or back-up strategy, it’s the future, and the future is now,” states Andre Durand, CEO at Ping Identity.

Having testing results online frees up health workers from calling each tested patient, while patients receive faster access to their lab results. This also builds the foundation for additional health services to be made available through this service.