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Abhi Yadav
December 9th, 2016

One of our team’s favorite cybersecurity events is the annual Gartner Identity and Access Management (IAM) Summit. The theme of this year’s conference was “Reimagine IAM to accelerate digital business.”

Analysts delivered a variety of sessions discussing how successful IAM projects can facilitate an organization’s digital transformation and boost the results of digital business.

Conversations around the show floor made it clear that the cloud was top of mind to many in attendance. This prompted us to take an informal survey of our customers, which revealed a couple of accelerating trends related to the cloud:

  • 40% expect to move more of their mission-critical applications to the cloud in the next 2-3 years – if they aren’t already doing so. Many told us that this migration was already well underway in their organizations today.
  • 60% expect to take a “cloud-first” approach to IT by 2021.

But even as enterprises adopt a “cloud-first” strategy, there will continue to be legacy, on-premise applications in the foreseeable future. This requires IAM capabilities that can unify and simplify such complex, heterogeneous environments – capabilities that help rather than hinder the move to the cloud.

We think this is the reason so many people responded enthusiastically to our recent recognition by Gartner where Simeio received the highest score in the traditional/legacy workforce use case, which describes organizations that have a mix of legacy, on-premise and cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications.

The Gartner IAM Summit also made it clear that the same benefits that are encouraging organizations to move their business-critical applications to the cloud are also accelerating the adoption of cloud-based IAM. In fact, in the opening keynote, Gartner analysts said that 22 percent of their clients expect to deploy cloud-based identity governance in 2017, driven by a goal of adopting a cloud-first strategy.

The Gartner analysts confirmed something we’ve been saying for a long time – that Identity governance is ripe for cloud-based deployment as organizations accelerate their digital transformation. With a true, cloud-based identity governance solution, organizations can get the immediate benefits of the cloud while still having full visibility into – and control over – their entire IT ecosystem, on-premise and in the cloud. That’s the power of identity: giving organizations the ability to charge down the cloud-first path efficiently, effectively and – perhaps most importantly – securely.

Simeio had the opportunity be part of two education sessions. In the first, “How Identity and Cloud Security Enable Next Generation Security Operations Centers (SOC),” Simeio EVP Shawn Keve, Palerra’s Rohit Gupta and our friends from Oracle delivered a powerful update to a full house, eager to hear about this exciting new offering.

The key takeaway from this session was that identity has become the new security. In order to engage in digital business, the enterprise must open up its sensitive resources to employees, customers, partners and suppliers. But this also opens up the organization to attacks, which are increasing in both frequency and sophistication. Unlike a traditional SOC, which focuses on perimeter security, an identity-based SOC monitors the internal usage of identities to detect and prevent unauthorized or inappropriate access.

This concept is the foundation of Simeio’s Identity Intelligence Center, which combines highly skilled identity and security professionals with proprietary and cutting-edge technologies to protect corporate resources and information by monitoring the use of digital identities and access privileges.

Next, we delivered a case study on how Simeio helped one of Canada’s provinces to deliver a seamless digital experience to its citizens, while lowering costs. This case study highlighted another trend that we see playing out: the need for Identity Verification. The benefits showcased during the presentation actively engaged the audience and led to an informal Q&A session that was twice as long as the presentation! These benefits include…

  • Fast, easy online access to a full-spectrum of government services for 4 million citizens
  • Total security and privacy of citizen data
  • Greater citizen engagement and satisfaction
  • Significant cost savings – many processing fees cut in half

The session represented a special treat as it is the first time that our CEO, Hemen Vimadalal, and Shawn Keve have delivered a joint presentation at a conference.

Finally, we couldn’t stop smiling as Staples wp_simeio about their project success around Identity Governance. Our friend Firdaus Modak leads that project, and along with CA Technologies, Simeio has been able to contribute to Staples’ great success. Special thanks go to Albert Briones and Niketa Parikh from Simeio for delivering superior value to Staples.


Staples speaks about their project success around Identity Governance.

Gartner IT Symposium, RSA Charge, CA World and Gartner IAM Summit in the past six weeks – it’s been a whirlwind! What we keep hearing from our customers, prospects and partners is that Simeio’s capabilities around identity governance, IDaaS and Identity Verification position us very well for 2017. If you didn’t get a chance to catch us at the Gartner IAM Summit, let’s connect at the RSA Conference – see you in February in San Francisco!



Ed Pascua, SVP Channel Sales
and the Simeio Team