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Abhi Yadav
August 31st, 2015

One of the more challenging aspects of Identity and Access Management (IAM) is also one of the more routine: the day-to-day management and monitoring of accounts, such as access requests and certifications, provisioning, federation (SSO), application onboarding, security and risk intelligence and privileged access management.

What makes these tasks so challenging is the number and variety of systems that one must engage with to get the job done. The typical IAM environment has multiple systems from multiple vendors, and even multiple versions from the same vendor, each with a different user interface and different ways of accomplishing the same thing. Imagine if every car had a different way to steer, some with gas peddles on the left and brakes on the right, and you get a sense for what IAM can be like.

In an ideal world, your IAM infrastructure and all the enterprise applications it controls would come from a single vendor, with a single user interface capable of accomplishing all the necessary functions. Of course, it’s highly unlikely any organization could consolidate all its systems into a single environment from a single vendor even if it wanted to. IAM technologies and enterprise applications change rapidly, and the need to freely adopt new technologies would quickly scuttle any plan to consolidate or standardize.

Instead, a more practical and sustainable approach is to employ virtualization to abstract or separate the management and monitoring of accounts from the underlying technologies. With this approach, you could have a single, unified user interface that was independent of both the IAM technologies and the enterprise applications they handle.

That’s precisely what Simeio Identity Orchestrator™ (IO) is designed to do. It provides a single, consistent view of your IAM, security, enterprise and SaaS applications regardless of the complexity or diversity of the underlying technologies, including multi-vendor on-premise environments, cloud-based solutions or a hybrid of the two.

Simeio IO is the most complete and powerful IAM virtualization solution available today. Instead of multiple, disparate systems, versions and interfaces to learn, Simeio IO gives you a single unified web-based interface with easy-to-use dashboards and workflows for managing identities and access privileges, including user account management, access requests and certification, self-service functions such as password resets, application onboarding, role and compliance management, privileged access management, data exfiltration and loss prevention and more.


Simeio IO doesn’t replace your IAM systems – it simplifies the way you manage them. It makes it easier and less costly to support IAM, security, enterprise and SaaS applications from multiple vendors, and to freely add or switch to different versions or different vendors – including migrating to “as a service” solutions – without changing the way you manage identities, control access privileges, or monitor and audit their usage.

Naynesh Patel
Executive Vice President and Co-Founder
Simeio Solutions