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May 29th, 2020

Simeio’s May 27th “Ask Me Anything Coffee Talk Series”- Building an IAM Career working from home

Last Wednesday, Simeio held its most recent “Ask Me Anything Coffee Talk Series.” The topic was “Building an IAM Career Working from Home.The session hosts were Shawn Keve, CRO at Simeio, and Randy Fields, Director of Strategic Client Engagement at Simeio. Here are some highlights of the session.

What advice can you give for developing a career in IAM, even while working from home?

It’s important to recognize the many skill sets and different roles you’ve acquired over the years and leverage them in new ways. For example, if you have been a consultant, that experience working remotely, or as an extension of your client’s business, is valuable, as you apply it to the work-from-home environment today. 

Working successfully on projects and tasks, and managing people remotely does take skill. Many careers have been developed by people who are good at solving problems. That happens to be a great fit for IAM. The many moving parts of identity, require problem-solving skills, whether it’s improving operations, coordinating multiple departments, or collaborating on a particular solution.

Where do I begin my search for a development position in IAM?

It’s great that you actually have an idea of what you want to do. Many of us haven’t found our focal point, yet. Now it’s a matter of moving from intention into action. What kind of experience do you want to gain? What kind of environment do you want to be in? Once you’ve determined those, you can research and explore opportunities. As you talk with people in the field, they will point you to the right contacts, guide you in the right direction, or show you where the best resources are to get you started. If you’re lucky, they may even give you a shot at an assignment.

Great careers usually don’t happen by accident. You need a career development plan aimed at developing the right skills. You can transition from, say marketing to development, within the same company. You just need to apply your knowledge into different skillsets, through training and education and find a supportive mentor. Equally important is having passion, and showing your enthusiasm to those in a position to help you transition. 

Always keep in mind, the experience you gain in a new role, may be worth more in the long run, than a short-term financial gain. The level of your position on the corporate ladder is not the only measure of success. Sometimes, in our careers, we need to go broader, rather than higher. You may decide to take a position that pays less for the opportunity to gain vastly more experience, with a variety of new challenges. Gaining exposure to many new areas will give you the skills and experience that will ultimately pay off financially. Also, depending upon your financial situation, choosing a position within an environment that makes you happy, may be worth more, than a higher salary. 

What is the best way of networking, now that we’re all working remotely?

The key is to embrace networking. You don’t need face-to-face contact to network. Actually, with the online mediums we have today, like texting, email, phone, computer audio, video, etc., you can do more, and have greater influence than ever before. We are no longer limited by who we’re sitting next to at a conference, or who we just happened to run into in the hallway. The world is wide open. The sphere of relationships, and the influence we can now exert, has no boundaries. We are only limited by our proactivity and resourcefulness. We’re only a few keys and clicks away from meaningful engagements. 

What creates great collaboration and team effort when working from home?

Great collaboration requires trust. When people feel their ideas are going to be shot-down, collaboration becomes stifled. In an environment that isn’t supportive, participation dwindles.  Collaboration requires a safe atmosphere, where all ideas are good starting points, that may be challenged, but not harshly rejected. And now that we can communicate remotely with video, we can have more dynamic and animated conversations that lead to more open dialog and productive results.

We’ve just touched upon some of the conversations. If you want to learn more, you can watch this, and other on-demand Coffee Talk sessions at

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