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Store, scale, share.

From billions of data points to millions of users, rich information is the operational core of every company, including yours. That’s why a directory service is essential to store information robustly, scale globally and share appropriately.

Simeio focuses on giving you high performing and flexible virtual directory solutions to enable secure and seamless access to web and cloud solutions, giving you the right access in any environment. Our core directory services include platform integrations, workflow configurations and directory management. It’s all here so you can access the greatest possible value from your data and users.

Protect Your Data During Storage

Simieo helps businesses of any size protect their data while it is stored in core directories. With our virtual directory services, you're able to store, organize, and share your data while keeping it protected. Our goal is to help ensure that your data is protected while making it easy for you to share it.

How Does Virtual Directory Service Work?

By leveraging Virtual Directory services, Simieo provides a solution that enables your users (regardless of whether they are employees or clients) a way to access the information that they need through a simplified log-in process. This is accomplished by accessing multiple pieces of information about a particular identity from a central location. It allows access to more than one application, database, or server. And, yes, it still works even if you rely on custom applications or databases. Virtual directory services provided by Simieo are a great way to make information sharing and protection easier for your business.

Flexible Solutions for Your Growing Business

A virtual directory service doesn't just give your users access to the information that they need. It also acts as a firewall to help protect your data from denial-of-service attacks. In this type of attack, the attacker is looking to make your data unavailable to the very people who need it. The attack aims to overwhelm your system with requests to try and overload it. With a virtual directory service, your data is protected by an additional layer of security to help stop that type of attack.

Virtual directory services create a unified view of data which makes it easier for your users to find what they need. It also helps with the migration of information from legacy data storage without changing the applications that rely on the information.

You get faster access to data while having the flexibility of creating an application specific view or creating a virtual and unified view across multiple systems. You can also rely on your existing identity infrastructure.

Simieo's Virtual Directory Service Grows with Your Business

Here at Simieo, we pride ourselves on creating and providing identity access management services that are scalable. Our virtual directory service is no exception. As your business grows, our virtual directory service grows with your business all while continuing to provide high performance and flexibility. Our core virtual directory services include platform integrations, workflow configurations, and directory management. Simieo helps your business, your employees, and your clients get the most from your data.

Regardless of the size of your business, you have the assurance that our core virtual directory service will grow with your business. Because Simieo handles updates and maintenance for you, your IT team is free to focus on internal matters. Our “connect and protect” approach for virtual directories helps you manage risk while knowing you always have access to your data. You also get the assurance of knowing that your company is in compliance because we help you protect your data and keep identities safe and secure.

To learn how Simieo has protected 100,000,000 identities and how we can help you, contact us. Our experienced and friendly advisors can answer your questions about our virtual directory service and help you plan, build (or even rebuild), run, and optimize your IAM.

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“InfoSec now has a single place that they can go to see a user’s activity and authentication events, and Simeio also gives us the ability to leverage existing investments (e.g. ADFS and other legacy technologies that we didn’t need to upgrade)."