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It can be next to impossible to use dozens of dashboards to manage all of your IAM products and integrate countless apps.

We eliminate numerous, disparate systems and replace these with a single view across your entire IAM environment with easy-to-use dashboards and workflows. We call this the Simeio Identity Platform. Now you have a simplified way to manage identities and access privileges such as user account management, access requests and password resets. As you can probably tell, we engineer your interface to include everything but complexity.

Simeio Identity Platform

The Simeio Identity Platform creates a virtual identity environment that appears as a single unified web-based interface for all your IAM vendors. The features of this platform include:

Easy-to-use dashboards and workflows: manages identities and access privileges that includes user account management, access requests self-service functions such as password resets and more.

Multi-instance or single-instance: provides a single, centralized UI for identity and access management that works seamlessly across all divisions in large organizations, but keeps each unit discrete; or single-tenancy for supporting a dedicated environment.

Real-time monitoring and analytics: consolidates metrics from your IAM, security, enterprise and SaaS applications into a single view, so your insights on usage are more complete and accurate.

Identity intelligence: delivers insights into patterns of usage by consumers, employees or partners, and analytics that can be leveraged by sales or marketing to identify new business opportunities.

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