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Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management

Welcome to the new frontier of identity management.

Next-Gen CIEM Services

Multiple Cloud Platforms Lead to Multiple Cloud Problems

Keep you with your expanding identities and identity systems across all of your different cloud providers.

Face Your Cloud Federation Challenge Before It Starts

Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management (CIEM) service gathers all your AWS, Azure, and Microsoft cloud services together under a single pane. CIEM redefines how managed identity services are understood. Un-silo your disparate cloud services and get real-time information and control across all the cloud platforms.

Disorganized Cloud Management Creates Heavy Risks

  • Unauthorized access because of excessive permissions.
  • Impaired visibility, situational awareness, and ability to respond to security events.
  • Standing access creates a persistent Security Risk when an Identity is compromised.

Simeio’s CIEM Offering

Your multi-cloud environment needs dynamic privileges based upon timely need augmented by adaptive MFA. Simeio’s modernized managed identity orchestration tools provide secure, real-time, and comprehensive control. Augment your Cloud Infrastructure and Platform Services (CIPS) and Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) products and ensure your identity fabric and risk posture stay strong.

Simeio’s Secure CIEM Service

Simeio is the industry leader in secure managed identity services. Is it any surprise that our CIEM offering is the most security-minded option on the market? Simeio’s CIEM service combines our identity security expertise with the top permissions management solutions of Microsoft, Azure, and AWS

With Simeio CIEM

Comprehensive visibility and control over all permissions and entitlements within your clouds.

A unified platform where you can assess, manage, govern, and consistently protect your permissions and identities.

Automatic policy enforcement and real-time monitoring.

Expert 24/7 remediation advisement.

Automated curation of orphaned and fraudulent accounts.

Advantages of the Simeio CIEM

  • Centralized dashboard for your identities, workloads, and permissions across AWS, Azure, and Google cloud platforms.
  • Control over resource, service, and management entitlements.
  • Rightsized permissions to achieve a least-privilege model as well as minimize standing permissions by adopting to just-in-time access.
  • Real-time monitoring to identify usage and changes to identities, permissions, and suspicious activities set-up alerts.
  • Clearly delineated remediation options in the case of breach events.
  • Initial implementation within 4 weeks, full onboarding complete from 10 to 16 weeks.

Simeio CIEM Deliverables

  • Permissions Management product configurations / runbook
  • Report on identified risks and proposed remediation
  • Remediation scripts and just-in-time access definitions
  • CIEM maturity roadmap