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Why Simeio

Discover why Simeio is
recognized as a leader in IAM.

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Simeio is the world’s largest single-source provider of Identity and Access Management (IAM) services.

While a lot of IAM providers can give you the big picture, Simeio delivers the perfect picture for your unique needs and then helps you build it. We’re a complete IAM problem solver for your company and the people who count on you.

From banks to hotel chains to major retailers, our clients turn to us to deliver:

Risk mitigation
Complete visibility into who is doing what in their organization
Compliance and governance
Fast deployment
Identity unification through a single user interface
Solutions within complex IAM environments

Five Reasons to Choose Simeio for IAM

1. Better Approach

Flexible, standardized, high quality and scalable solutions. Built-in features perfected by multiple implementations.

2. IAM Capabilities

End-to-end expertise with patented IO platform to manage IAM services.

3. IAM Services

Define, implement, operate – a gamut of specialized services within IAM including next-gen app onboarding offering.

4. IAM Talent Pool

In-house IAM Practice: 700+ Identity Experts with an average tenure of 4-to-7 years, dedicated IAM recruiting and training.

5. Cost

Cost efficiency with IAM focus coupled with automation and scalability for multi-use.

How We Achieve IAM Success

The technology or system your company depends on shouldn’t just work; it should work better. But this is no small challenge, especially since the typical IAM environment is a hodgepodge of legacy systems, on-premise solutions from multiple vendors and cloud-based components. Simeio can make all of these technologies perform beyond your expectations.

We design and implement solutions from all IAM vendors and can deliver access governance, identity and risk management, predictive analytics, managed services, system and technology integration and more. With Simeio, our complete Identity and Access Management (IAM) platform engages securely with anyone, anywhere and at any time.

80,000+ applications onboarded

No company wants to hear the words, “Failure is an option.” As an IAM solutions leader, we’ve never said it, and never will.

We back this with our 100% implementation success rate. We can achieve this in part because we are SOC2, ISO 27001, ISO 27018, and CSA STAR certified. If that’s something you like hearing, you should give us a call and listen to what else we have to say.

More than 150 global enterprises count on Simeio.

Here are just a few of the reasons: Our IAM services are scalable, grow as you bring on new employees and customers, and support both large and small scale enterprises. When we protect identities, your risk is mitigated. It’s also safe to say that we protect your brand reputation, too.

It can be next to impossible to use dozens of dashboards to manage all of your IAM products and integrate countless apps.

We eliminate numerous, disparate systems and replace these with a single view across your entire IAM environment with easy-to-use dashboards and workflows. We call this the Simeio Identity Platform. Now you have a simplified way to manage identities and access privileges such as user account management, access requests and password resets. As you can probably tell, we engineer your interface to include everything but complexity.

No two companies are the same and neither are their IAM requirements. That’s why Simeio is not a ‘one solution fits all’ provider.

Hardly. If your environment requires a unique configuration, we are experienced in the exact technology and environments needed to deliver the functionality you require. After all, there are many ways to design and implement a solution. We specialize in doing it the right way.