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Safeguard the digital experience with a Customer Identity & Access Management (CIAM) program.

Support your digital transformation strategy with a seamless and secure CIAM program

Organizations worldwide have begun to embrace their digital realities and prioritize customers’ online experiences. Digital experiences determine customer loyalty and trust in brands and, by nature, expose users to a growing number of cyber risks.

Your CIAM solution should align with your larger customer experience goals -no matter how complex or unique your environment or engagement is.

  • Identity and Access Management (IAM) ensures the right people can access the right resources at the correct times for the right reasons.
  • Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) gives customers access to digital resources while minimizing friction.

Digital experiences determine customer loyalty and trust in brands and, by nature, expose users to a growing number of cyber risks. As digital experiences become the norm, there is an increased imperative to understand better where and how security and identity intersect to impact digital experience strategies meaningfully.

Build loyalty, trust, and the quality of your customers’ experience with Simeio’s modern, ready-to-use managed CIAM service on its state-of-the-art MSP platform: Simeio Identity Orchestrator (IO). We utilize the latest protocols like OpenID Connect and SAML for federated identity management across all customer touchpoints.

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Build Customer Loyalty & Trust

24x7x365 managed service desk

Simeio performs in-depth testing for your CIAM program, so it is flawless and mitigates any risks with a minimized need for support. Advanced security capabilities like multifactor authentication and passwordless login ensure customers have a highly secure yet easy experience.

Secure Customer Data

200+ identity experts constantly monitoring probable attacks

A recent survey found 55% of IT leaders are fully bought into CIAM as a top priority. However, only 29% collaborate with digital teams and 28% with executives. Experts in CIAM conduct extensive solution testing and monitoring to maximize uptime and issue prevention. Support multiple modern identity federation protocols with Simeio’s frequently updated pre-built application. Simeio’s CIAM solution offers cutting-edge identity management and access control to protect your customers. The survey showed 47% are consolidating platforms that handle external IAM and CIAM. 41% offer MFA but believe most customers have it enabled. 23% are investigating decentralized identity. Seamless Customer Experience Simeio’s CIAM prioritizes an intuitive, streamlined customer experience across devices and touchpoints. Features like customizable branding, messaging, and journey design allow you to align the digital experience with your business needs. Social login, multifactor authentication, and passwordless options make login easy while maintaining security. Comprehensive Security With Simeio’s CIAM solution, you get capabilities like access control policies, identity governance, credential management, and analytics to secure customer identity data and interactions. Protocols like OpenID Connect and SAML enable secure SSO across apps. Regular testing and monitoring by experts maximize uptime and security. Business Alignment Beyond technology, our CIAM experts collaborate with you to understand your goals for customer experience, journey analytics, and identity management. We translate these into tailored solutions with the capabilities needed to support your digital transformation strategy. Streamlined onboarding, superior support, and continuous enhancements align our solutions with your business.

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Revolutionize CIAM with Simeio’s Identity Orchestration Platform & SOC

  • Business Process Unification
  • Identity Policy Control Plane
  • Identity Operations Automation
  • Customer Access and Service Analytics
  • Customer Identity Program Management

CIAM services with Simeio for frictionless customer experience

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Robust Support and Operation

Monitoring, patching and vulnerability scanning are part of our managed CIAM service. Backed with the most modern tools, we prioritize protecting your customers.

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Dedicated team of CIAM experts

More than 200+ identity experts constantly monitoring probable attacks and developing proactive strategies to counteract.

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Upgrades and added features

An enhanced customer journey requires constant upgrades and new capabilities to cater to the ever-changing security requirements. We support you with the demands of these needs.


Expertise with best CIAM tools

CIAM services led by certified experts who have experience implementing and managing top notch tools to protect your customers’ information and keep them safe.

How CIAM with Simeio Benefits Enterprises

  • Minimized need for support tickets by enabling intuitive customer self-service features.
  • New features are introduced regularly and allow flexibility in adoption and implementation.
  • Gain insights into customer behavior with built-in analytics for identity data and access patterns.
  • Assist and support multiple modern identity federation protocols, enabling Single Sign-On while integrating applications.
  • Our CIAM experts constantly assess new technologies and protocols to enhance your solution with cutting-edge capabilities.
  • In-depth testing of CIAM MSSP, offering reduces additional cost and deployment time.
  • Tailored customer journeys, branding, and messaging aligned to your unique business needs and goals.
  • Pre-built application integrations with the ability to onboard additional applications.
  • Onboard new apps and manage external user access with controlled auditable credentials
  • Customizable look and feel, workflows, email templates and data models to align with your branding standards.

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