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IAM Advisory & Assessment

Begin your digital transformation journey with IAM Advisory & Assessment services.

Talk to An Identity Advisor

From initial IAM assessment to strategy development to solution design and implementation, Simeio has you secured.

Simeio is an end-to-end Identity and Access Management (IAM) solution provider engaging securely with any environment, and technology with an unparalleled “service first” philosophy. Managing over 160 MN identities, Simeio has a proven advisory approach that ensures information and system security, user ease, and cost efficiency.

Why IAM Advisory & Assessment

1. Get aligned

Align IAM with business goals while enhancing the security posture of the organization

2. Find the gaps

Reveal gaps in implementation plans before they become a bigger problem

3. Identify project prioritization

Key component to ensure the best utilization of resources, cost, time and to achieve maximum ROI

Why Simeio for IAM Advisory & Assessment?

Focused IAM Practice

We are focused on IAM and have a solid understanding of implementation challenges.

Cost Efficient & Flexible

We provide 4-week or 8-week assessment options that are cost-efficient and in-depth.

Industry & Technology Expertise

Rely on our diverse industry and technology experience, including legacy environment transformation.


Access our workshops to better understand the people, processes and technologies in your IAM journey.

Introducing IAM MAP session to plan for your organization’s future and ongoing IAM success. How do we do it?

  • Answer 7 key questions to determine gaps
  • Measures 80 critical data points to show gaps
  • A scorecard that provides a high-level visibility to your current program

Simeio IAM Assessment Approach

“Identity and Access Management programs are successful only when backed with a robust plan and roadmap based on thorough assessment.”

1. Review & Assess
  • Current architecture and assess gaps in existing program.
2. Interview & Identify
  • Existing processes, and technologies in the current environment.
3. IAM Capabilities Assessments
  • Analysis & observations to take the right decisions.
4. Evaluate
  • Assess and compare with industry standards & identify gaps.
5. Recommendations & Roadmap
  • Remediate gaps, and provide recommendations & roadmap.
6. Report & Findings
  • Summary of key findings & implications.

Achieve Real Results With an IAM Assessment

Well-Designed Enterprise Platform

When you have an IAM program with defined milestones, you deliver ROI to the business while increasing the security posture of the organization.

Rapid, Well-Informed Decision Making

Vendor scorecards help organizations avoid painstaking RFPs and POCs.

Predictable Budgeting

A clearly defined roadmap that delivers business ROI at regular intervals helps justify the security investment.

Improved User Enablement

Through expanded automation, you can improve service levels and improved user interfaces.

Increased Adoption of IAM

Implement a planned IAM program to improve user adoption and align application with security direction.

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