Identity Governance and Administration (IGA)

Automate compliance and protect your enterprise against threats.

Automate governance processes to reduce exposure of unauthorized or inappropriate access

Excessive or inappropriate access entitlements violate the least privilege principle and can risk your corporate information assets. Reduce the risks associated with end users with unnecessary or inappropriate entitlements with Simeio’s best-in-class identity governance and administration (IGA) service with 24/7 monitoring and support.


time savings in provisioning


reduction in help desk requests


uptime achieved

Work with IGA experts

Secure your environment with the help of the industry’s most skilled identity experts. Our consultants have unparalleled experience implementing and managing secure, scalable IGA solutions and operations.


Implement a complete IGA solution

Evaluate and protect access to sensitive customer data, financial data, and transactional processes—no matter what your applications are —with Simeio’s full-scale IGA tool and user support for automated and manual applications.


Explore rapid implementation

Address core IGA-related business problems to achieve quick ROI with QuickStarts- Simeio’s scalable solution for up to 10,000 users and up to four applications.

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Solve key Identity Governance & Administration challenges

  • Risk of excessive privileges
  • Need for both cloud and on-premise environmental support
  • Compliance efforts not efficient enough

Simeio offers seamless IGA implementation across on-premises, cloud infrastructures and applications

Get the best-in-class IGA services with reliable 24/7 monitoring and support – with minimal hardware or capital investments, lengthy integrations, migrations or upgrades required. Simeio’s IGA services address serious and rapidly changing security threats while minimizing the impact on your organization and employees.

Boost security and compliance backed with proven methodologies, repeatable and standard accelerators

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Centralized visibility of entitlements

There is no need for security program owners to view multiple platforms. We provide a single pane view of all entitlements thus offering centralized visibility.

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Meet compliance controls

Managed IGA services that provides risk insight, improved security and sets processes that meet audit requirements.

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Simeio Identity Orchestrator

Unified IAM experience with unparalleled interoperability with your IT ecosystem, proven effective for millions of identities.

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Mitigate account risk exposure

Managed IGA services allow enterprises to access periodic insights to mitigate account risk exposure.


Maintain IGA solution with minimal operational costs

With managed IGA you don’t have to focus on building team to manage your IGA solutions which can become a huge cost burden. Simplify IGA management with minimal cost with Simeio

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Easy to adapt for self-service

Simeio Identity Orchestrator is designed to adapt to your self – service needs for IGA management. We help you with end to end to transition where you can manage it internally when the need arises.

KuppingerCole Webinar The market overview for IDAAS IGA Solutions

If your IAM program is not clearly answering these key questions, chances are your attempts to secure users is not 100% yet. Our managed IAM services ensures your program is thorough and simplified so you have clear answers. If you’re unsure, start with an assessment to understand where the gaps are!

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