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Connect and protect.

At Simeio, we realize your company is faced with the challenge of being able to give the right people the right access to your business resources and technology assets. That also means you need the right Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions.

The Simeio ‘Connect and Protect’ focus gives you a complete range of customized solutions, proven effective for over 100 million identities. We allow you to operate from anywhere on any device without internal and external risks. Even as your company expands, our solutions expand with you. Plus, your company stays in compliance because your business identities are safe and secure.



Are you faced with any of these concerns? We have the solutions.

I need to be SOX compliant ASAP! Can you help?

Take a look at our Identity Governance and Administration solution.

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I’m concerned about phishing attacks.

Start by taking a look at our Security & Risk Intelligence solution.

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A company department “went rogue” and set up an application outside of the IT department.

With our Privileged Identity solution, you’re in control of everything, and everyone.

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I need an automated access review solution.

Our Access Governance solution delivers efficiency, reliability and security.

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A complete range of customized IAM solutions:

Access Management & Federation

We provide secure authentication and a seamless SSO to any on-premise application, cloud application or network resource.

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Directory & Virtual Directory Service

We provide flexible virtual directory solutions that are secure and seamless, giving you the right access in any environment.

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Identity Administration

We eliminate employee access concerns by managing end-to-end employee, partner, customer identity lifecycles.

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Identity Governance & Administration

We automate compliance and protect against insider (and outsider) threats with solutions for access governance.

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Privileged Access Management

Securely manage privileged user passwords and SSH keys, automate compliance reporting with integration to existing infrastructure.

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Data Security & Loss Prevention

We deliver Data Security & Loss Prevention solutions for big data and all types of databases as a hosted managed service.

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Security & Risk Intelligence

We successfully deploy and maintain security and behavioral analytics that require continuous risk monitoring.

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Cloud Security

We automate cloud security administration such as SaaS identity administration and SaaS configuration monitoring.

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