Accelerate your IAM program to
achieve your security goals

Established identity and access management professional services led
by knowledgeable identity experts with years of experience in
executing the most challenging IAM programs.

How do IAM Professional Services benefit enterprises?

IAM initiatives are typically complex, and involve specialized knowledge. With Simeio’s Professional Services, enterprises can leverage our resources and deep knowledge of IAM to select, implement, configure, customize and operate IAM tools and services.

A specialized IAM service provider like Simeio can assist with everything from developing your IAM roadmap, assessing and selecting the right identity access management solution, provide IAM implementation and system integration, and even work with your IAM team post-deployment.

Our IAM consulting services help ensure you can select the right system for your needs, and implement your program effortlessly. Whether you need us to develop a PoC, or RFI/RFP or assist you with vendor selection, we guarantee our expertise and experience will always support you in your IAM journey.

Our IAM Professional Services Components and Methodology

System Integration

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  • Software Installation & Configuration
  • Provisioning and Integration
  • Customization
  • Knowledge Transfer & Training


Group 8219
  • IAM Strategy & Program Startup
  • Organization Change Management
  • Vendor & Technology Selection
  • Active Project Management
  • Auditing & Quality Assurance
  • Application Controls

Managed Services

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  • Monitoring & Operations
  • Hosting
  • Issue & Problem Resolution
  • Staff Augmentation
  • Support and Maintenance

Design and Implement an Identity Program backed with Efficiency and Expertise

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Dedicated team of trusted IAM experts

You can count on us to provide an existing team who understands your IAM initiatives in-depth and provides the solution to the problems you are trying to solve. And you don’t have to invest time, resources and cost to build this team from scratch.

Understanding of new technologies & tools

IAM is not your core business, but it is ours. And that’s why we have invested in training our team on the latest IAM technologies and tools. This means you have access to a huge talent pool who has all the information and expertise you are seeking on any new IAM technology.

Balance user experience, compliance and business goals

We ensure your IAM program successfully balances user experience, compliance, and your business goals. Your customers are invaluable to you and their security is a priority for you. Our professional services are designed in a way that helps you live up to that commitment.

ROI on your IAM Investment

ROI on your IAM Investment
We understand that your priority is investing in your core business to deliver the desired value to your customers. You can bank on our capability to work within your budget and optimize the ROI on your IAM investment.

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Why Partner with Simeio for IAM Professional Services?

Define your IAM needs, we design and implement it end-to-end for you

QuickStarts for small, medium, and large organizations

based on applications to connect, automated workflows, number of client users for workforce or customers.

Active Directory Cleanup

to support organizations to control and manage their health and hygiene. It can be a challenging task to prioritize and manage security of your AD implementation.

Deployment of multiple vendor tools

through our certified IAM professionals and established partnership with leading IAM vendors.

Identity Orchestrator Deployment

for Managed Services or Application Onboarding.

Secure application integration

no matter which environment your program runs on to experience seamless integration.

Audit of IAM Controls (PIM/PAM, IGA, AM, CIAM)

for better identity and access governance.

Server and Privileged User onboarding for PAM

on premise and cloud for reduced complexities and overheads.

Design and architecture for IAM solutions

that best support the enterprise needs.

Build a Secure and Streamlined IAM Experience