Across a multitude of industries, Simeio’s expertise and offerings have boosted efficiency, tightened security, and the satisfied compliance needs of its clients. What will they do for you?

Simeio doesn’t just claim to be the best in managed identity – we’ve proven it time and again.

Simeio has worked with diverse enterprises, across many industries, and improved each one. Whether you’re down the road in an inner-city office or hundreds of miles offshore on an oil platform, Simeio is ready to assess and improve your identity fabric.

Simeio leverages its expertise and offerings across industries to enhance efficiency, strengthen security, and meet compliance requirements, delivering customized benefits to your organization.


Address unique requirements such as centralized IAM system development and compliance with NERC CIP regulations. With a strong focus on identity management and robust access security, Simeio’s services offer a comprehensive solution to meet the specific needs of the energy and utilities sector.

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Struggling with Patient Identity Management, Role-Based Access Control, Electronic Health Records, and Regulatory Compliance? We support healthcare enterprises to customize their IAM strategies to meet their unique requirements. By doing so, the investments made yield the desired results and surpass expectations.

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Implement robust security measures, ensure compliance with standards like EU-GDPR, PCI DSS, BSA, and GLBA without having to handle the complexities. By fortifying your security perimeter, you can effectively protect sensitive data, meet regulatory requirements, and mitigate the risk of unauthorized access.


Execute a robust IAM program to enhance security, streamline user access management, protect customer data, prevent fraud, and maintain regulatory requirements like PCI DSS and GDPR. Balance user experience with security and optimize your investments with Simeio’s end to end IAM services.

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Are you producing goods or potential breach incidents? When your identities include employees and machines, your attack surface swells, and the consequences of an attack grow dire. Protect critical systems, sensitive data, and intellectual property from unauthorized access or breaches, with a dedicated team of IAM experts – so you can focus on what you do best!

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Travel & Hospitality

When you’re operating across national borders, international regulations can bog down your operations. Keep your customers’ reservations on the dot and satisfy your NIST SP needs anywhere in the world through Simeio’s teams of multinational identity experts.